My Travel Bucket List | 7 Places I’d Love To Visit

Hey there! I hope you are having a great year so far! Today I am going to be sharing 7 places I’d love to visit, and this is all from my head. I am not going to be looking up places to visit or whatever.

I’m super excited to share these with you guys! Hopefully, someday in the future I will be able to visit all these places & more. I’m hoping that when I’m older, I’ll have the chance to travel a lot!

Just to let you know, none of these are my photos. They were all found from Unsplash.

gray concrete road between tall buildings at daytime


I would honestly love to go to France! I am learning French and it would be fun to speak it there! France just looks so amazing and I’m obsessed with all things France so it would be fun to visit!

architectural photography of mosque


My best friend is from India, so I have learned a lot about India. I think it would be cool to visit, like Mumbai, even though I do not speak Hindi or any other language, though I do believe that many people speak English, so… anyways, I think it would be fun!

silhouette photo volcanoes during golden hour


My best friend and I did a research project in 6th grade and got Indonesia. It was so fun learning about Indonesia, which makes me want to go there so badly! Also, rice. Who doesn’t like rice??? my sister

aerial photo of city during golden hour


So I have flown over Canada, live like 6 hours from Canada, have step cousins in Canada, but have NEVER been there? I really want to go there! There’s so much I could do and see! I’d love visiting the cities, and Nova Scotia. Though I need to get a passport first… XD

aerial photography of houses and dome building near sea at golden hour


Soooo, let me explain. My best friend and I are writing a book and one of the main characters is from Croatia. So I decided to research Croatia a bit, and found that it was really interesting! I’d love to visit Croatia, along with Greece, and visit all the beaches, cities, and churches!

red and white wooden house in front of body of water


I think it was last year when I started getting interested in Norway. I’d love to visit the cities, and especially see Aurora Borealis! I’ve seen pictures and it looks stunning, so seeing it for myself and taking pictures would be amazing!

approaching red train across mountains


Lastly, I would love to visit Switzerland! The mountains would be gorgeous to see. All the pictures on Google look AMAZING, and I know I should not rely on Google for things but ya know, just look at the pictures and you’ll see why I want to visit Switzerland.

So, that’s my list of top 7 places I’d love to visit! Of course, I’d love to visit all of the countries in the world, but these are my top 7!

Where would you like to visit? Have you been to/live in any of the countries on my list? I’d love to chat!

My Ultimate Travel List

Hi girls! And guys! Anyways, today I am going to write a list of some place I’d love to visit! This is not all, I didn’t want too many on here! So let’s go!

Note: These images are not mine! They are from pixabay!


Architecture Big Ben Buildings City Citysc

  1. London, United Kingdom

Now this is really cool! I’d love to visit this city and Big Ben!

Eiffel Tower, Lovely Photo, Paris France

2. Paris, France

The Eiffel Tower would be so amazing to see in person! Especially at night, too.

3. Los Angeles, California and San Francisco, California

I’d love to visit these two cities, along with California in general.

Panorama Rome Italy Church Dome Old Buildi

4. Rome, Italy

I’d love to visit Rome because of all the structures and buildings there!

Toronto Ontario Canada Street Interstate C

5. Toronto, Canada

This is another city I’d love to see because of the lakes and lights, plus I’d be able to drive there (it would be a bit long, but possible!)

6. India

My friend is from India and I think it would be really cool to visit! There are lots of delicious foods and colors there, too.

Rio De Janeiro Brazil City Urban Tourism C

7. Rio de Janerio, Brazil

The 2016 summer Olympics were held here, and I can see why! It’s such a beautiful city and I’d probably love it if I went.

Sunset Colorful Dusk Clouds Sky Hawaii Hon

8. Hawaii

Who wouldn’t want to go to Hawaii!?!? I’d love visiting the beaches and maybe tour Hawaii as well!

9. Tokyo, Japan

This would be an interesting city to visit! There is a ton of good food here and lots of sights to see, too!

Dublin Bridge Ireland City River Sky Sunse

10. Dublin, Ireland

Ooh… I’d love to see Ireland! The culture is just one reason why I’d love to explore Dublin!

Madrid, Spain, City, Building

11. Madrid, Spain

Another fun city to visit! I’m not really sure why I’d want to visit- maybe the buildings?

12. Guatemala + Mexico

From what I’ve seen, Guatemala is really interesting! Mexico is right next to the US and I love Mexican food! Also the cities here would be fun to visit, too!

Sydney Port Australia Night City Skyscrape

13. Australia

I’d love to visit Australia, because from what I’ve heard, it’s kind of similar to where I live! Plus I’d love to tour this country!


Have you been in any of these cities/countries before? I’ve only been in the United States, and this is not all of the places I want to visit!

~ Arabella