Hey guys! I seriously cannot believe that it is already 2021! It feels like it was just 2019, haha! Anyways, today I will be sharing my new year’s goals and some tips for you when setting new years goals and fufilling them! This is a collab with Emmie, who has such an amazing blog which you can check out here! Be sure to check out her goals as well!

I have several broader sections and will go more into each one! I am super excited for 2021! I also have some fun things planned for 2021 as well. I also can’t believe that in a year I will likely be able to drive!

So, let’s get started! Plus I will have some fun travel inspo because I really wish we could travel rn! It is one of my goals for college is to travel a bit during breaks and stuff like that! College isn’t for a few years but I am excited!


This is a big category for my 2021! I really want to start working out and be active, even if it is just taking a walk!

I want to eat healthier, basically limiting my candy. Also, try to limit snacking throughout the day and make it healthier foods like fruits and veggies!

I also want to take some time to read and just relax without screens once a week! I feel as though I am on screens a lot and want to change that!


Since I am doing a hybrid school, I am on screens so much more. I want to try and get any weekend homework done Friday so I have the entire weekend to relax and not think about school! Also, when I am online, take breaks in between subjects to grt active and away from screens!

Also, I am going to try and procrastinate less haha! I am an ISFP so I tend to procrastinate. A lot, so that is one of my goals this year!


I have already talked about this in the previous sections, but I want to limit my screens during the day! It will be hard but I know I will be able to do it! I also want to try and make sure my time on my screens is productive, such as blogging!


I am hoping to post once to twice a week and grow my blog! I want to get to 300 followers on my blog! Last year I did not really blog consistently, so this year I will hopefully be sticking to my schedule and grow my blog a bit!

Also commenting on other people’s blogs… I can be pretty bad at that, so I hope to work on that!

I want to revamp the blog, which I have already started experimenting with!


I want to start a business! It will be a great way to earn money. I have been thinling about it for a few years but I think this year will be the one where I go for it! I would also love to have a small business as a job when I am older so this will help!


I want to try finding new hobbies, and just being myself! Also being happy with who I am and enjoying my life! Fufilling these goals will defintely help this!

Tips & Tricks For New Year Goals/Resolutions

  • If you have had trouble completing goals in the past, make broader ones, like I am!
  • If you want to go deeper, make sure you are specific, something measurable, and attainable!
  • Make sure you will enjoy completing your goals
  • If it helps, set a yearly goal and then do a month-by-month to help!
  • Don’t feel pressured into making goals now! You can create them any time!
  • Lastly, don’t feel pressured into finishing your goals and you can put them aside if needed.

So, I hope you enjoyed hearing about my goals and I hope you enjoyed tbe tips and tricks for your new year resolutions!

Once again, go visit Emmie’s amazing blog here!

I will be posting Mondays and Thursdays for the month of January!

What are your new year resolutions/goals if you are making them? Let me know!

💜 Arabella