my goals for 2022

i can’t believe it’s already 2022! my mind is still stuck in 2019 haha. anyways, i’ve seen several bloggers and instagrammers sharing their goals/resolutions for the new year, and i always love seeing what everyone is hoping to accomplish for the new year, so i thought i’d do the same.

my goals aren’t super huge, just small things i hope to do to make my life better this year.

01. grow my hair

around august, i cut my hair short and it hasn’t grown back super well, so i’m hoping to let it grow out this year, and hopefully dye it a few times as well.

02. read 5 books each month

i didn’t read much at all in 2021, besides for school and a couple of books in the summer. i don’t know if i’ll be able to read 5 every month, but we can try!

03. post on the blog once a week

last year, i didn’t post much at all and i think once a week will be a good goal to start with. even if i don’t get to post once a week, i will at least try to post as consistently as possible.

04. only check my grades at the end of each quarter

at this point, i’m checking my grades so often that i just do it out of boredom even if i know nothing’s changed, so i’m challenging myself to only check them at the end of each quarter.

05. clean & organize my bedroom

cleaning can be super relaxing and the end result is super rewarding, so i want to keep my room as clean as possible through the year & organize/decorate it a bit too.

06. save up my money & spend it wisely

i want to learn how to spend and save my money intentionally rather than spend it excessively on things i don’t want or need.

07. exercise every day

mostly during the seasons where i don’t have track and in the summer, i want to stay fit and try out different forms of exercise to see what will work best for me. along with this, be intentional with what i’m eating to stay healthy.

08. draw/write/do something creative every weekend

this will get me off of a screen during the weekend and leave me feeling much better about the time i spent.

09. get my driver’s license

i’m in the process of getting a permit, so maybe by the end of the year i’ll have my license? we’ll see!

10. expand my blog & reach 300 followers

along with posting weekly, i’m hoping to expand this blog and maybe reach 300 followers? i’m at about 230 now, so if i’m posting consistently there’s a good chance i’ll be able to reach this goal by the end of the year.

11. successfully complete a “one second everyday” challenge

this will be really exciting to look back on at the end of the year if i remember to do it every day, and i think it will be a cool way to remember 2022.

i hope you enjoyed reading my goals for the new year. i’d love to hear whether or not you are choosing to set yearly or monthly goals for yourself. let me know!

~ avery xx

goodbye sparks of ara, welcome avery emerson blog

i’ve tried writing this post many times, it’s never come out just the way i wanted it to. if you’re seeing this pop up in your reader or email, there’s a good chance you were following my previous blog, sparks of ara. yup, maybe that will ring a bell. it was a very cringy, very inconsistent blog i’ve had since about october 2016, five years now. i was just 10 years old when i made it, not knowing what i was getting myself into.

after a few years, i felt stuck with the blog. i kept posting from time to time, but i didn’t have the passion for blogging like i once did. after some thought, i knew i couldn’t let go of the blog i’d loved for so long. so, i decided to change the name, blog design, pretty much everything about the blog without getting rid of the old posts or followers. it’s allowed me a fresh start, to be myself instead of forcing myself into the 10 year old girl who had started this blog.

so, i’d love to welcome you to my new blog, avery emerson.

i’ll be posting once or twice a week. i can’t say for sure what i’ll be posting, but most likely it’ll be within lifestyle, productivity, mental health, and my life. i want to be more open and honest with my readers, updating on my life from time to time if that’s something you’d like to see.

i’m likely going to be experimenting with the blog design in the following weeks, but i’m excited to see where this blog heads, and i’ve finally upgraded to a .com site! i’m so grateful to have the opportunity to do this as this had been a dream of mine since i started blogging.

check out the ‘about’ or ‘home’ page to learn a little bit more about me and the updated blog.

oh, i forgot to mention- i’ve made an instagram for the blog! i’ll be updating when new posts come out, some of my photography, as well as a little behind the scenes of running a blog. click here to check it out, or search @averyemersonblog on instagram.

enough about me- i’d love to hear about how you’ve been! drop a comment down below so we can catch up. i haven’t been super active these past months and have missed a lot within the blogosphere. i can’t wait to catch up with you all.

thank you so much for reading, your support means so much to me!

~ avery

summer playlist

Hello and welcome (back) to Sparks of Ara! How have y’all been doing? I just got a job (literally yesterday haha) so I’m excited for that! And I changed the blog design a bit, if you’re on the reader be sure to check out the website to see! Anyways, I’ll be sharing some of my current favorite songs that I’ve been listening to on repeat the past few weeks! There’s quite a mix of different genres and stuff so hopefully you enjoy them! I’ll also mark the songs with explicit lyrics with an asterisk (*) if anyone doesn’t want to listen to them or wants to find an alternative. (I know spotify does that with some songs!)

also- I’m still experimenting with the graphic design stuff, so sorry if it doesn’t look amazing… sorry for any typos too haha…

…and pretty much anything from Evermore or Folklore by Taylor Swift, but I didn’t want to just repeatedly list Taylor Swift, so I’ll just leave it at that haha.

That ended up much longer than I thought it would be, so I hope you enjoyed if you made it this far! As you can probably tell I have quite a mix of music taste, haha! Do you listen to any of these songs? What are your favorite songs? I’ll be sure to check them out!

Here’s my Spotify if anyone wants to check it out (I’ll also follow back haha):

~ Arabella xx

well, it’s been a while… but I’m back!

Heyyy there! (ayy I’m still at it with the cringy intros) Welcome (back) to Sparks of Ara! You may not remember me (who does?) since I haven’t posted on here in almost 6 months… and looking back at the most recent posts I’m cringing so hard… I have definitely changed quite a bit since my last post, so I guess I’ll recap where I’ve been, what’s changed, and what’s up for the blog! Which will hopefully start up again! I’m also very sorry for unexpectedly leaving with no notice (that seems to be a trend for me)

So, let’s start with me? (not the most exciting or wanted topic but that’s okay) (also there may be a bit of self loathing on here but I’ll try not to because I don’t think anyone will want to read that lol) (and I have a thing with parenthesis and saying “and”) I’ve just finished my freshman year of high school, which is exciting! It went by really quickly, which I definitely wasn’t expecting given covid. Speaking of covid, I’m vaccinated now, which is very exciting because that means I’ve been able to go out a bit more now! (not that I have much to do with or without covid) …and I’m starting to ramble…

I’m going to try to be more transparent and honest on here! A lot of the content I had before wasn’t “me”, I was just trying to create what I thought others wanted so I’d be more liked, which is why I got burnt out easily. Here’s some types of stuff you can expect from me: (most of it’s similar to what I had before, there’s no huge changes here)

  • lifestyle (which is what I’ve always been doing)
  • a bit of fashion (?)
  • wellness/mental health/self care (since mental health is very important and I want to encourage y’all to focus on yourselves!!)
  • books (I love reading but don’t read much, so we’ll see where that leads)
  • lgbtq+ stuff (I’m excited for this, hopefully y’all are too)
  • pretty much a whole bunch of different categories that can be meshed into the word “lifestyle”

A bit more about me/what I’ve been up to…

  • I cut and dyed my hair… several times! I dyed it pink and then purple (which its currently at) and I’d say its around my shoulders! I love changing things up, and given my impulsive-ness it was really fun doing that!
  • I shared the blog with some irl friends (not my proudest moment, but I don’t think any of them are reading this) (if you are, HI, please let me know that you’re reading this haha it’d make me really happy)
  • I finally figured out that I’m an INFP
  • …and maybe an enneagram type 4 (though I could be a 6 or 9 I’m not 100% sure)

I feel like I’m oversharing even though I’m… not… anyways, I’ve been listening to a lot of music lately, so be sure to look out for a “playlist” type post lol. I’m planning on posting once or twice a week (really depends on the week haha but more likely once a week because I’m that type of person)

Anyways if you’ve read this far, thank you so much for reading! I promise I’ll be more consistent and start interacting with your posts too! I want to catch up with you all too, let me know how you’ve been doing in the comments!

Once again thank you so much if you’ve read this far! xx

~ arabella

(also ps; sorry for the lack of photos in this post,,, I promise the next post will be much more put together and I’ll be back with tons of fun content for y’all this summer!! but I wanted to get this post out sooner rather then later haha)

Answering Your Assumptions About Me

Hello everyone! Today I will be answering your assumptions about me! I can’t wait to see what you came up with. Plus, this is a great chance for you to get to know me! Sorry it took a while to write this, school has recently started plus I am scheduling this post for a few weeks from now!

Before we start, shoutout to Esther, Catherine, and Raegan for submitting some assumptions about me!

aerial photography of airliner
All of these photos in today’s post are from Unsplash!

The Assumptions

You prefer dogs over cats.

This is true! Although I like both, dogs are definitely my favorite!

Your favorite color is blue.

It is actually tied between blue and purple! Lately I’ve been liking purple a bit more, but usually it is blue!

You like caramel

Yes I do! I don’t have it much because I have braces, but I love eating it when I can!

You don’t enjoy school, but you do what you need to.

I actually do enjoy school! I love history and French the best!

book near eyeglasses and cappuccino

You like reading but you don’t do it enough.

Yes, this is on point! I love reading but I can go days without reading- I need to be better about that! I try to read every day but don’t end up reading, haha!

Your favorite hobby is photography.

Yes, I love photography! It definitely is my favorite hobby.

You would like to be self-employed in the future.

I feel like at first, no, but later when I have kids I would love to run my own business and be self-employed.

You might enjoy a career involving journalism.

Although it would be fun, I do not think so. My top three future careers are special education teacher, speech language pathologist, and nurse midwife! Maybe a hairstylist or photographer too… or possibly blogger and/or influencer but I might be a little scared to do that as a full career.

white and black piano

You play/did play a musical instrument.

Yes! In 3rd grade I played viola and in 5th clarinet! They were fun but I never continued them! I have continued chorus though! We have a piano as well and I’ve been trying a little bit of that too!

Your favorite color is blue.

Yes, read my above answer! It is tied with purple and blue.

You do not like broccoli.

This is half correct, I do not really like raw broccoli but I love it cooked!

You are 5’5.

No, I’m actually 5’7! I’m pretty tall lol.

You love flowers.

I do like flowers! My favorite is probably rose or lily, maybe amaryllis!

orange and white flower in tilt shift lens

And that is it for the assumptions! Thank you everyone for submitting an assumption. If you have any post ideas or anything you’d like to know about me in general, feel free to comment them!

And also thank you for 200 followers! It means so much to me! ❤

~ Arabella