Summer Recap

Hey y’all! In this post today, I’ll be seeing how well I did on my summer goals and recap what my summer was like. This is probably it for summer-themed posts, as I just want to get to fall! XD

Alright, so I’ll list my summer goals and whether or not I completed them. Let’s get started, shall we?


  • Post at least 3 times each month – Nope, but that’s because I took a hiatus… so I guess it doesn’t count?
  • Post NO MORE than three times a week – Yes??? I don’t know what to put for this one.
  • Stay in touch with blogging friends – I would say yes, I didn’t really keep up with a lot, but there was one I chatted with quite a bit!
  • Don’t put on too much (don’t start other blogs, etc) – Yes, I took a hiatus as mentioned above so I think that helped (a lot!!)
  • Share what I’m doing/did over the summer – I’d say yeah, because I’m going to be sharing this stuff in this post, so…
  • Share photography – Yeah no. I definitely kept up with photography, but didn’t share any of it.
  • Post more songs, photos, writing, faves, etc – Again, nope. ‘Cause of the hiatus…
no i did not go to india, but i want to visit/live there when i’m older.


  • TRY to take camera (depending on place) – YES! I didn’t take it to one of the trips, but that’s because a camera wouldn’t have worked well there…
  • If I have camera, TAKE PICTURES! – YES! Especially at the beach, I took tons of photos. And read. XD
  • Try to jot down what I did- no need for a full journal – No, but I’m planning to? That makes no sense, hehe.
  • Enjoy myself – YES!!!!! For sure!


  • Get summer reading books done by end of July, read them at the end of August as refresher – Yeah, um, NO. I was so caught up in Keeper of the Lost Cities that, um, I was rushing to finish them at last minute.
  • Organize school supplies before the first day of school – Yeah, I put most of them in my locker…
  • Buy school supplies closer to when the list comes out – No, but I have a good reason. They sent out the list late, while WE WERE ON VACATION so we had to wait til two days before school started. And I ran into my teachers…
  • Make sure I’m all set for first day of school – Yeah, I did…
sorry ’bout the bad pic… i didn’t get to upload many good ones…


  • Save my money for the trips – YES! I had almost $100 in one of my trips! (I should tell y’all where I went, but…)
  • Sleep in later – I guess, yeah…
  • Stay of screens more – Um uh yeah no.
  • Work on art, baking, etc. – I’d say so, yeah!
  • Spend time with family – Yeah, I did spend a lot of time with family. Including an incident with rhubarb…)
  • More time outside – kind of? I went to the pool a lot, so…
  • Work on my guitar, try tuning it as well – Nope.
  • Work on EM (my book with my bestie) for camp NaNo – So long story… NaNo wouldn’t work when I tried logging in and I tried everything so I couldn’t do NaNo. Plus we took a break on it for the summer, but now we’re almost done with the first draft!!

So, now I’ll share a few highlights from this summer!

  • Amish Country!
  • 4th of July + Fireworks! (I so wish I had brought my camera!)
  • Pool (this was a main part of my summer)
  • Beach
  • Re-reading KOTLC
  • Listening to Rachel Platten + more music (I’ll do a back to school playlist if y’all want)
  • Watching a re-watching descendants 3 (and fangirling)
  • Sleepovers!!!! With SUSHI!!!!!!!
  • Photography (cause duh)
  • Full House over and over
  • Starting school (okay I doubt this counts but it was in august so…)
  • ALMOST FINISHING EM!!! I’ll explain later.
  • Dreaming of going to Europe and India.

Thank you all so much for taking the survey in the last post! If you haven’t yet, you can take it here!

Also, I’m planning on posting Tuesdays and Fridays, but that’s subject to change. I just want to test it out to see if a schedule works well for me!

Okay, I think that’s it for today! I had a great summer, how about you? Did you go anywhere fun? How’s school been if you’re going?