Hey everyone! Sorry this is posted late, I had planned to write it ahead of time but wasn’t able to… Today’s post is an exciting one- my Christmas wishlist! This is also a collab with the amazing Christina at Christina and Camera! Check out her blog here!

I have a bunch of things I want, but they’re pretty broad, so I grouped this up into categories. You could use this as a teen girl gift guide because a lot of these are basic things that many teens would want!

Also sorry if the photos are wonky… Several of them didn’t show up so hopefully they do when I post this…

So let’s get started!


So, in this category there isn’t much because I do not really need anything in this category since I’m not into makeup.

So I would love a curling iron! My hair is naturally straight with some waves but I would love to curl it sometimes!

Next (and last) is a essential oils! This just loosely fits but I recently got a diffuser and have several oils but I only like a few (tea tree and eucalyptus are not my favorites). So I think essential oils would be great!


I have been trying to get back into fitness and sports and so there are a few things I want within this category!

First is a yoga mat! We have several but one for my own would be nice!

Second are dumbells! Again, we have some, but if I had my own it would be easier to get into it!

I also have resistance bands on my list! Haven’t really used them before but we’ll see!

I think that is it for sports… Nothing too big but these will help me get into a good fitness routine for 2021!

Clothing / Beauty

So first item I want in this category is jeans! I only have one pair right now 🙈 but I do want one or two more!

I would also love some sweaters for the winter and some sweatshirts because I love sweatshirts so much!

I also really want jewellery! Specifically necklaces because they are easier for me!

Gift Cards

There isn’t much to say in this category… Except gift cards to places I love! Probably ones that seem to have a variety of things, like clothes and books if you know what I mean!


I do not really have a preference for books, I would be fine with a lot if things! Maybe KOTLC or some other novels? Any book reccomendations for me?


I would love some new colored pencils! I have markers but not many good colored pencils and I love using colored pencils kore than crayons!

I think that is it for art… I have a lot of amazing art sets which I love so I do not really need anything else!

Bedroom Decor

I am trying to redo my bedroom since I don’t really like the way it looks now haha.

I would love a new comforter- probably blue or purple or pink! Maybe pillowcases to match?

I would also love some small things to replace what I currently have such as lamps and fun decor! I want my room to be more minimalist since usually it is full of random stuff…

Also gift cards would be nice for my room so I can personally pick things out myself!


First thing in this category is a phone case! I like the one I have now but I would love something prettier haha.

Second (and last) is something I really want- blue light glasses! I wear glasses so I need ones that have a prescription, and I have found some I love but don’t want to spend the $$ but it is pretty affordable!

I think that is pretty much it! There is probably a few things I am completely forgetting, but that is the majority of it!

Please go check out Christina’s blog! She is an amazing blogger, aand if you do not already know her then I would defintely reccomend doing so!

Thank you so much for reading, and I have a few posts planned for December which I am super excited for! Not all of them will be Christmas themed, because I know not everyone celebrates Christmas. Can you believe that it is December already? I sure can’t!

What do you want for Christmas 2020? I would love to hear!

~ Arabella 💜