Hello everyone! Today I will be sharing some photography tips for beginners- but really, anyone can use these tips! I have been interested in photography for a while now so I will be sharing a few tips I learned along the way… plus some of my photography I have taken recently. Enjoy!

My photos are usually of people, objects, or nature! But the ones I post are most often nature because I obviously can’t post photos of people on here…

***Disclaimer: I am definitely not a pro photographer, and I am of course still learning! But I really hope that these tips are useful to you- even if you are advanced!

These photos are from a recent photoshoot I did a week or so ago! They turned out pretty good!

#1: Find Your Style

If you take photos of anything you find, that’s great! I do that sometimes. But it is much easier if you find your “photography style” and work with that. For example, if you love nature, then you could have a style revolved around that and it will be easier to find things to take photos of. For me, I love taking photos of people and objects I find around the house (almost like if I was selling it as a product), so I tend to go for that type of photography rather than food, for example.

#2: Use Natural Lighting

When I was first starting out, my photos did not look too great because of the lighting. Outdoors during the day is a great source of natural lighting, or by a window as well. You could also buy some lighting equipment to brighten the photos. Just using a photo editing service to make photos brighter is a great idea if you are stuck with little lighting, too. The photos from this photoshoot did not have natural lighting as I was shooting on a bed, haha! If it’s rainy or you don’t have great lights… that’s what the flash is for, not the best but you can also edit your photos!

#3: You Do Not Have To Invest Right Away.

If you are like me, then you probably do not have that much money to buy a fancy camera. Instead of buying a camera, a phone would work great for photos, and once you get more experienced, then you can get a camera. But why get one when your phone likely takes great photos? Then, if you truly love photography and want to get more into it, you can invest in a camera.

#4: Experiment!

A big tip I have for beginners is to experiment. Try out different settings and angles and see what fits. It will also help you learn the camera or device you are using and get more comfortable with it. Also, you will get to find your style and see what you enjoy taking pictures of! And, you never know, you may end up taking an amazing photo you’d never even thought of taking!

#5: Look For Inspiration

Look for inspiration if you want to be better at photography. If you look on Pinterest for example, you can find plenty of beautiful photos in the category you want. Also free photo websites will give you inspiration as well. And by just looking at things in your daily life, you can find inspo for whatever you want to take photos of!

#6: Know The Basics

It is honestly easier to take quality photos once you’ve done some research. Look up what different settings mean, what potential cameras you could get, different types of photos, and other things like that. Once you know those things, you will know how the photos and cameras work. Of course, you don’t really need to know anything besides how to work a camera. But if you know a little bit more in depth about a camera, it will be so much more fun and easy to take photos!

#7: Make Sure You Actually Have A Passion For Photography

This one is pretty simple. If you want to continue taking photos and get more involved with photography, you have to have a passion for it. If you love taking photos and being creative with photos, photography will be so much easier. If you don’t have much of a passion for it, you won’t be wanting to do it as much and won’t have that “drive” for photography.

#8: Just Be You!

Okay, this may sound cliche, but honestly, in photography, you just have you be yourself! There are so many ways to express yourself in photography so you should do just that, instead of copying other people’s ideas or asking what they want. Take photos of things you love and things you want to take photos of. That will help you improve, if you really love what you are taking photos of!

So there you have it! 8 of my top tips for beginner photographers. I would love to see some of your photography! I love taking photos and have for a few years now, it is definitely a passion of mine! I hope you guys found my tips helpful!

Lastly, PLEASE submit any questions you have for me! Life, fashion, school, blogging, anything you want! I may have to turn down anything too private but I doubt I’ll have to! Submit as many as you want in the comments!

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I really hope you enjoyed! Thanks for reading!

~ Arabella 💜