Hello everyone! I am going to do a “get to know me” type post by sharing 50 things you may not know about me! I will be sharing 25 today and 25 in a few weeks. Plus some recent photography! Also, if you have any questions for my q&a, submit them below! I have just recently come back after a while of on and off blogging, plus I have some new followers, so hopefully this will help you all get to know me better! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Let me know a fun fact about you in the comments. And let’s start!

Also ps- sorry for the random photos… I haven’t taken a photoshoot in a while but I will hopefully be getting better with that as the holidays come!!

  • I dislike the colors red, yellow, and brown
  • I usually drink 96 oz of water a day
  • Fall and winter are my favorite seasons
  • I am in girl Scouts
  • I love getting my nails painted though I haven’t in a while
  • It is November 15 as of writing this! (But I have been busy so I am still writing this on the 20th… ๐Ÿ™ˆ though I will schedule it tomorrow! #bloggerlife)
  • I am a very fast walker
  • When I am older, some things I may be include: special ed teacher, speech language pathologist, physical therapist, labor and delivery nurse, pediatric nurse, small business owner, or maybe a content creator! (Such as blogger or youtuber)
  • I will almost always choose sweet over savory- I love sugar lol.
  • I will be posting some exciting content for the holidays in December!
  • Christmas is my favorite holiday
  • My birthday us right near Christmas- I’ll be 15, wow!
  • My hair is two different colors but I’ve never dyed it- if you want an explanation let me know!
  • I go to school twice a week in person!
  • I’ve never had starbucks but would love to try it someday!
  • I have recently started making no sew scrunchies! They usually turn out really good except for some hot glue that doesn’t quite stay in its place…
  • This blog used to be called Anything in the Wonderful Life… And one of my first posts was a book review for a book I had only read a chapter or two of… #cringe
  • I love Fuller House! Anyone else?
  • I’m growing my hair!
  • My favorite month is December (probably because Chirstmas and my birthday are in December and I love the holidays!!)
  • My least favorite month is probably May…
  • I love monkeys! They’re one of my favorite animals!
  • I like learning about history! Hence why history/geography is my favorite subject!
  • I love listening to Rachel Platten!
  • Lastly… Unlocked just came outing this, I just started it! I haven’t started the actual book, but I have read the extra stuff and honestly its pretty cool!

So, I hope you enjoyed learning a bit more about me! And if you have any questions for me, comment them below or contact me!! Have a great week and happy thanksgiving for my U.S. friends!!

See you soon,

Arabella ๐Ÿ’œ


Hello everyone! Today I am back with a fun, inspirational post! I will be sharing the top songs I go to for inspiration. Whether that be blogging, or just life in general, I love these songs and they just help gain some inspiration for me! I was literally listening to one of these songs when I came up with the idea for this post, haha!

Let’s get started! I hope you enjoy these songs and that they give you as much inspiration as they do for me…

Fun fact about me: when I am listening songs by myself I usually skip 3/4 of the way through, unless I absolutely love the song. So, when I’m listening with others, I just have an urge to skip even though I don’t want to be rude, haha!

Just a warning: a lot of these songs are by Rachel Platten, because if you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll know I love her songs so much!

Believer – Imagine Dragons

Okay, this was the song I was listening to! It is a great song with an amazing message to it, and is super popular. I would recommend listening to it!

Soldiers – Rachel Platten

Soldiers was just released a few months ago, however, I am obsessed with it! The lyrics are beautiful and SO inspirational! Definitely check this one out!

Rise Up – Andra Day

You can probably tell by the title, but this is a great inspirational song! I first heard it a few years ago and was hooked. It’s a softer song, but has some amazing lyrics!

Fight Song – Rachel Platten

I have loved this song for about 4 years now. And it is an amazing song that I would 100% recommend anytime you need inspiration!

Someone You Loved – Lewis Capaldi

Okay, this is a kind of sad song but I love it song much! I do not know how much of an inspirational song it is, but it does give me inspiration when I listen to it!

One Day – Matisyahu

This is an inspirational song for me, definitely! The lyrics are great as well!

This photo is not actually blurry, that is the screen door!

Better Place – Rachel Platten

I love this song and it is beautiful and gives some major inspirational vibes!

This is Me – Kesha

This Is Me is from The Greatest Showman (which I haven’t actually watched haha) but it is a great song and has a great message!

Bad Blood – Taylor Swift

This is not a real inspirational song, but I love it and it does give me inspiration!

So, those were just a few of my favorite songs for inspiration! Honestly, music just gets me in a great mood and I get loads of inspiration from it!

What are your go-to songs when you’re in need of inspiration? I’d love to hear!

Thank you so much for reading!

~ Arabella ๐Ÿ’œ


Hello everyone! In case you missed it, last week I posted “My Favorite Baby Girl Names“, and now I am doing a part two to that, with boy names this time! This list will be much shorter, and my style of names is all over the place. So read on to find out!

***Disclaimer: these photos are from Pinterest and are not mine.

  • Theo
  • Levi
  • Krew/Crew
  • Knox
  • Jude
  • Sal
  • Max
  • Asher
  • Cole
  • Blake
  • Charlie
  • Hudson
  • Lucas

I hope you enjoyed! What are your favorite boy names? I would love to hear!

So, that’s it for my favorite boy names! I am pretty picky with boy names, so that is why the list is so short compared to the girl names, lol.

Have a great week,

Arabella ๐Ÿ’™


Hello everyone! Today I will be sharing some photography tips for beginners- but really, anyone can use these tips! I have been interested in photography for a while now so I will be sharing a few tips I learned along the way… plus some of my photography I have taken recently. Enjoy!

My photos are usually of people, objects, or nature! But the ones I post are most often nature because I obviously can’t post photos of people on here…

***Disclaimer: I am definitely not a pro photographer, and I am of course still learning! But I really hope that these tips are useful to you- even if you are advanced!

These photos are from a recent photoshoot I did a week or so ago! They turned out pretty good!

#1: Find Your Style

If you take photos of anything you find, that’s great! I do that sometimes. But it is much easier if you find your “photography style” and work with that. For example, if you love nature, then you could have a style revolved around that and it will be easier to find things to take photos of. For me, I love taking photos of people and objects I find around the house (almost like if I was selling it as a product), so I tend to go for that type of photography rather than food, for example.

#2: Use Natural Lighting

When I was first starting out, my photos did not look too great because of the lighting. Outdoors during the day is a great source of natural lighting, or by a window as well. You could also buy some lighting equipment to brighten the photos. Just using a photo editing service to make photos brighter is a great idea if you are stuck with little lighting, too. The photos from this photoshoot did not have natural lighting as I was shooting on a bed, haha! If it’s rainy or you don’t have great lights… that’s what the flash is for, not the best but you can also edit your photos!

#3: You Do Not Have To Invest Right Away.

If you are like me, then you probably do not have that much money to buy a fancy camera. Instead of buying a camera, a phone would work great for photos, and once you get more experienced, then you can get a camera. But why get one when your phone likely takes great photos? Then, if you truly love photography and want to get more into it, you can invest in a camera.

#4: Experiment!

A big tip I have for beginners is to experiment. Try out different settings and angles and see what fits. It will also help you learn the camera or device you are using and get more comfortable with it. Also, you will get to find your style and see what you enjoy taking pictures of! And, you never know, you may end up taking an amazing photo you’d never even thought of taking!

#5: Look For Inspiration

Look for inspiration if you want to be better at photography. If you look on Pinterest for example, you can find plenty of beautiful photos in the category you want. Also free photo websites will give you inspiration as well. And by just looking at things in your daily life, you can find inspo for whatever you want to take photos of!

#6: Know The Basics

It is honestly easier to take quality photos once you’ve done some research. Look up what different settings mean, what potential cameras you could get, different types of photos, and other things like that. Once you know those things, you will know how the photos and cameras work. Of course, you don’t really need to know anything besides how to work a camera. But if you know a little bit more in depth about a camera, it will be so much more fun and easy to take photos!

#7: Make Sure You Actually Have A Passion For Photography

This one is pretty simple. If you want to continue taking photos and get more involved with photography, you have to have a passion for it. If you love taking photos and being creative with photos, photography will be so much easier. If you don’t have much of a passion for it, you won’t be wanting to do it as much and won’t have that “drive” for photography.

#8: Just Be You!

Okay, this may sound cliche, but honestly, in photography, you just have you be yourself! There are so many ways to express yourself in photography so you should do just that, instead of copying other people’s ideas or asking what they want. Take photos of things you love and things you want to take photos of. That will help you improve, if you really love what you are taking photos of!

So there you have it! 8 of my top tips for beginner photographers. I would love to see some of your photography! I love taking photos and have for a few years now, it is definitely a passion of mine! I hope you guys found my tips helpful!

Lastly, PLEASE submit any questions you have for me! Life, fashion, school, blogging, anything you want! I may have to turn down anything too private but I doubt I’ll have to! Submit as many as you want in the comments!

ALSO: Would you guys preffer this color for my blog (teal) or maroon?

I really hope you enjoyed! Thanks for reading!

~ Arabella ๐Ÿ’œ


Hey everyone! Today’s post is inspired by Ainsley at Ainsley Beth! She posted a baby names post and I have been so obsessed with baby names that I decided to try it out! Since I have so many favorites, I will be doing baby names I love for girls and then next week one for boys.

My style ranges from super popular to pretty unique. Do we have any names in common? Or do you absolutely detest any of these? Let me know!

I have always thought about baby names in the future. I want to become a mom so I have been thinking about names that are good together and what first and middle names would be perfect! Obviously, that’s not for 10 or 20 years, but I still love fantasizing about it!

Let’s start. In no particular order, here are my favorite baby girl names!

***Disclaimer: these photos are not mine, they’re from Pinterest!

  • Emma
  • Riley
  • Lila
  • Delaney
  • Saylor
  • Navy
  • Aria
  • Avery
  • Taytum
  • Malia
  • Josephina
  • Cora
  • Ruby
  • Isla
  • Piper
  • Madeleine
  • Brynn
  • Oakley
  • Posie
  • Capri
๐Ÿงš๐Ÿปโ€โ™€๏ธ pinterest- alyssathomassen44 ๐Ÿงš๐Ÿปโ€โ™€๏ธ
  • Cove
  • Adelaide
  • Ariel
  • Nova
  • Colette
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Those are most of my top girl names (that I can think of, anyways). My girls name list has always been super long compared to the boys…

Be on the lookout for the boy’s name post for next week!

Thank you all so much for reading! What are your favorite girl names? Let me know in the comments below!

~ Arabella ๐Ÿ’œ


Hey everyone! Today I am here with 7 simple fall hair ideas for November! Although fall has passed like crazy, we still have a month til the holidays fully start.

I don’t know about you, but the weather up in New England has been so weird. Last week we had snow, and now it is in the 70s.

Honestly, since I only go to school twice a week in person, it is easy to just put my hair in a simple ponytail and leave it like that. However, hopefully this post will give you (and me!) some inspiration for more fall hairstyles for November!

Let’s get started, shall we? Just a quick disclaimer: none of these photos are mine, they came from Pinterest.

10 peinados de otoรฑo que serรกn tendencia en 2019 segรบn Pinterest

First up is just a simple half ponytail! I love these since it keeps hair out of your face while still being cute! Definitely pair it up with a scrunchie, too.

Next we have french braids! If you have a little bit of extra time, these are perfect! They look really cool and honestly, it is definitely worth the time to do them!

#DutchBraids #EasyBraids how to dutch braid pigtails dutch braid tutorial for beginners dutch braid step by step dutch braid crown dutch braid vs french braid dutch braid short hair how to do dutch braids step by step #howtobraidedhairstyles

We also have dutch braids, a similar alternate to french braids! If you can french braid, then dutch braids will be easy. You just put the strands of hair under instead of over. If you still do not understand (because I’m not the greatest explainer), just look up a tutorial online!

YouTube #cute #hairstyles #for #medium #hair #for #teens #curls #cutehairstylesformediumhairforteenscurls [New] The 10 Best Easy Hairstyles (in the World) | Easy Hairstyles For Medium Hair For School Quick Mornings For Work Step By Step Long Short For Beginners Curly For Teens To Do On Yourself Updo For Moms Thin For Little Girls For Kids Half Up For Wedding Cute Braids For Black Women Videos Simple Tutorials Shoulder Length Straight Ponytail For Prom Bun Formal With Bangs For Summer For Everyda

On the days when you are rushing out the door, but still want something nice, a high ponytail (or low if you’d prefer) will work perfectly with an oversized scrunchie or you can take some fabric and tie it around, sort of like in the picture above.

These Braided Hairstyles Are Gorgeous And Super Simple | Messy Bits

Next up is a fishtail! Obviously, you do not have to be as fancy as this one, but it is a great alternate to a french braid. Here is a great tutorial if you’re wondering how it works.

The Best Back to #School Hairstyles for Lazy Girls ...

Another great style if you are in a rush: just wear it down! You could put a clip in if you wanted something fancier. I love wearing my hair down even though I often forget, but it definitely is amazing to show off your natural hair!

Head scarf and Bow accessories are super fun to play with! Headscarf tying hairstyles add the cutest hair accessory to any look! Try this boho style!  headband hairstyles, headband braid, topknot Headbands,Headband & Hair Bow Inspiration, head scarf styles, head scarf head scarf styles for natural hair #Hairbandana #hairstyles #shorthairstyles #hairstylesforgirls #hairtie #hairscarf #silkhairscarf #hairscarfstyles #hairbun

Last up is a bun! These are perfect with scrunchies and there are a wide range of buns you could do. I personally love messy buns with a scrunchie, but more formal buns are a great option too! Plus, if you are feeling fancy, you could do a french braid into the bun.

Honestly, most of these styles are super quick and easy if you know how to do them. Would you like another post simil

So there you have it! 7 fun fall hair ideas for November! Which styles are your go-tos? Mine is definitely a high ponytail! Which is your favorite of these?

Feel free to chat in the comments!

~ Arabella ๐Ÿ’œ


Hello everyone! After a few months of on and off blogging, I am finally back! I will be sharing what I have been up to during this time as well as what’s to come! And feel free to chat with me- I am excited to catch up with you all!

First off, I am officially a high schooler! I feel so old being almost 15 but at tbe same time, I can’t wait for the future! In just 3 years, I will be able to vote and soon after, in college. Wow!

So that is part of the reason why I haven’t been posting, even though school does not seem to take up as much of my time as it used to.

I have been really interested in starting a business, so maybe in a year or two I will be able to actually start one! I would love to be to sell some photography, designs, or other items on etsy! Any one here on etsy or have a small business? I would love to hear your stories!

Also, thank you so much for 200 followers! It means so much to me!

I might be updating the design of my blog soon, so look out for that! I like the current one so likely nothing too major.

I am planning on posting twice a week, maybe Tuesday and Friday, probably around noon EST, so that any UK or international followers can get the posts that same day. It may change, but I am planning on posting at least once a week.

I will be posting lifestyle, fashion, and inspiration posts on my blog, similar to the past.

Thank you all so much for reading! I cannot wait to start up blogging again for real!

~ Arabella ๐Ÿ’™

Answering Your Assumptions About Me

Hello everyone! Today I will be answering your assumptions about me! I can’t wait to see what you came up with. Plus, this is a great chance for you to get to know me! Sorry it took a while to write this, school has recently started plus I am scheduling this post for a few weeks from now!

Before we start, shoutout to Esther, Catherine, and Raegan for submitting some assumptions about me!

aerial photography of airliner
All of these photos in today’s post are from Unsplash!

The Assumptions

You prefer dogs over cats.

This is true! Although I like both, dogs are definitely my favorite!

Your favorite color is blue.

It is actually tied between blue and purple! Lately I’ve been liking purple a bit more, but usually it is blue!

You like caramel

Yes I do! I don’t have it much because I have braces, but I love eating it when I can!

You don’t enjoy school, but you do what you need to.

I actually do enjoy school! I love history and French the best!

book near eyeglasses and cappuccino

You like reading but you don’t do it enough.

Yes, this is on point! I love reading but I can go days without reading- I need to be better about that! I try to read every day but don’t end up reading, haha!

Your favorite hobby is photography.

Yes, I love photography! It definitely is my favorite hobby.

You would like to be self-employed in the future.

I feel like at first, no, but later when I have kids I would love to run my own business and be self-employed.

You might enjoy a career involving journalism.

Although it would be fun, I do not think so. My top three future careers are special education teacher, speech language pathologist, and nurse midwife! Maybe a hairstylist or photographer too… or possibly blogger and/or influencer but I might be a little scared to do that as a full career.

white and black piano

You play/did play a musical instrument.

Yes! In 3rd grade I played viola and in 5th clarinet! They were fun but I never continued them! I have continued chorus though! We have a piano as well and I’ve been trying a little bit of that too!

Your favorite color is blue.

Yes, read my above answer! It is tied with purple and blue.

You do not like broccoli.

This is half correct, I do not really like raw broccoli but I love it cooked!

You are 5’5.

No, I’m actually 5’7! I’m pretty tall lol.

You love flowers.

I do like flowers! My favorite is probably rose or lily, maybe amaryllis!

orange and white flower in tilt shift lens

And that is it for the assumptions! Thank you everyone for submitting an assumption. If you have any post ideas or anything you’d like to know about me in general, feel free to comment them!

And also thank you for 200 followers! It means so much to me! โค

~ Arabella

Travel Bucket List

Hey guys! Today I’ll be sharing my recent travel bucket list! I’ve done a couple in the past, however, in those I would look up different countries and list whichever ones I thought were cool… But today I’ll be sharing 5 places I would really love to go to! So let’s get started!

All of these photos are from Unsplash! I usually use my own pictures, however I wanted to use these pictures!

Also, obviously we can’t really travel right now, but I would love to go to these places in the future! Just as soon as I get a passport…

top view photography of city during daytime


I would love to visit Spain! I am currently learning Spanish on Duolingo which made me really want to visit Spain. I’ve been doing a lot of research on Spain and from the pictures at least, I’ve just been dreaming to visit!

lavender field


I would just love to visit France! The food, the culture, the languages, everything! I am also learning French so going to France would be fun! I’d love to visit Paris or maybe somewhere in the country nearby too!

seashore during golden hour


Although this is in the United States, I seriously would LOVE to visit Hawaii! The beaches would be lovely, as well as the volcanoes and national parks would be nice to visit to! I would also actually consider moving to Hawaii someday! Probably not, since I live in New England and need cold weather in winter, haha!

buddha statue during daytime


My best friend is from India, and so I have heard a lot about Indian culture and it makes me just really excited and hopeful to visit one day! I’ve seen so many pictures that just inspire me and there are so many parts of India I would love to see (doubt I’ll see them all though!).

bird's-eye view photo of city near ocean


I have no idea how I got so obsessed with Norway, but I’m glad I did! Doesn’t this picture look #goals? I would love to travel to Norway and see the Northern Lights and visit the sea!

pontoon boat with bridge as background photo

This is just a picture from New England, where I live! I love living in New England since it’s so pretty any time of year (especially fall)!

I hope you all enjoyed learning a little bit about where I would love to visit!

Have you ever visited any of these places? Where is your dream place to visit?

~ Arabella