Hey everyone! Today I am here with 7 simple fall hair ideas for November! Although fall has passed like crazy, we still have a month til the holidays fully start.

I don’t know about you, but the weather up in New England has been so weird. Last week we had snow, and now it is in the 70s.

Honestly, since I only go to school twice a week in person, it is easy to just put my hair in a simple ponytail and leave it like that. However, hopefully this post will give you (and me!) some inspiration for more fall hairstyles for November!

Let’s get started, shall we? Just a quick disclaimer: none of these photos are mine, they came from Pinterest.

10 peinados de otoño que serán tendencia en 2019 según Pinterest

First up is just a simple half ponytail! I love these since it keeps hair out of your face while still being cute! Definitely pair it up with a scrunchie, too.

Next we have french braids! If you have a little bit of extra time, these are perfect! They look really cool and honestly, it is definitely worth the time to do them!

#DutchBraids #EasyBraids how to dutch braid pigtails dutch braid tutorial for beginners dutch braid step by step dutch braid crown dutch braid vs french braid dutch braid short hair how to do dutch braids step by step #howtobraidedhairstyles

We also have dutch braids, a similar alternate to french braids! If you can french braid, then dutch braids will be easy. You just put the strands of hair under instead of over. If you still do not understand (because I’m not the greatest explainer), just look up a tutorial online!

YouTube #cute #hairstyles #for #medium #hair #for #teens #curls #cutehairstylesformediumhairforteenscurls [New] The 10 Best Easy Hairstyles (in the World) | Easy Hairstyles For Medium Hair For School Quick Mornings For Work Step By Step Long Short For Beginners Curly For Teens To Do On Yourself Updo For Moms Thin For Little Girls For Kids Half Up For Wedding Cute Braids For Black Women Videos Simple Tutorials Shoulder Length Straight Ponytail For Prom Bun Formal With Bangs For Summer For Everyda

On the days when you are rushing out the door, but still want something nice, a high ponytail (or low if you’d prefer) will work perfectly with an oversized scrunchie or you can take some fabric and tie it around, sort of like in the picture above.

These Braided Hairstyles Are Gorgeous And Super Simple | Messy Bits

Next up is a fishtail! Obviously, you do not have to be as fancy as this one, but it is a great alternate to a french braid. Here is a great tutorial if you’re wondering how it works.

The Best Back to #School Hairstyles for Lazy Girls ...

Another great style if you are in a rush: just wear it down! You could put a clip in if you wanted something fancier. I love wearing my hair down even though I often forget, but it definitely is amazing to show off your natural hair!

Head scarf and Bow accessories are super fun to play with! Headscarf tying hairstyles add the cutest hair accessory to any look! Try this boho style!  headband hairstyles, headband braid, topknot Headbands,Headband & Hair Bow Inspiration, head scarf styles, head scarf head scarf styles for natural hair #Hairbandana #hairstyles #shorthairstyles #hairstylesforgirls #hairtie #hairscarf #silkhairscarf #hairscarfstyles #hairbun

Last up is a bun! These are perfect with scrunchies and there are a wide range of buns you could do. I personally love messy buns with a scrunchie, but more formal buns are a great option too! Plus, if you are feeling fancy, you could do a french braid into the bun.

Honestly, most of these styles are super quick and easy if you know how to do them. Would you like another post simil

So there you have it! 7 fun fall hair ideas for November! Which styles are your go-tos? Mine is definitely a high ponytail! Which is your favorite of these?

Feel free to chat in the comments!

~ Arabella 💜


    1. Ooh! Buns are my go-to when I have wet hair haha. My sister finds dutch braiding so hard compared to french! I love the look of dutch braids, so I usually go with those over french!


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