Answering Your Assumptions About Me

Hello everyone! Today I will be answering your assumptions about me! I can’t wait to see what you came up with. Plus, this is a great chance for you to get to know me! Sorry it took a while to write this, school has recently started plus I am scheduling this post for a few weeks from now!

Before we start, shoutout to Esther, Catherine, and Raegan for submitting some assumptions about me!

aerial photography of airliner
All of these photos in today’s post are from Unsplash!

The Assumptions

You prefer dogs over cats.

This is true! Although I like both, dogs are definitely my favorite!

Your favorite color is blue.

It is actually tied between blue and purple! Lately I’ve been liking purple a bit more, but usually it is blue!

You like caramel

Yes I do! I don’t have it much because I have braces, but I love eating it when I can!

You don’t enjoy school, but you do what you need to.

I actually do enjoy school! I love history and French the best!

book near eyeglasses and cappuccino

You like reading but you don’t do it enough.

Yes, this is on point! I love reading but I can go days without reading- I need to be better about that! I try to read every day but don’t end up reading, haha!

Your favorite hobby is photography.

Yes, I love photography! It definitely is my favorite hobby.

You would like to be self-employed in the future.

I feel like at first, no, but later when I have kids I would love to run my own business and be self-employed.

You might enjoy a career involving journalism.

Although it would be fun, I do not think so. My top three future careers are special education teacher, speech language pathologist, and nurse midwife! Maybe a hairstylist or photographer too… or possibly blogger and/or influencer but I might be a little scared to do that as a full career.

white and black piano

You play/did play a musical instrument.

Yes! In 3rd grade I played viola and in 5th clarinet! They were fun but I never continued them! I have continued chorus though! We have a piano as well and I’ve been trying a little bit of that too!

Your favorite color is blue.

Yes, read my above answer! It is tied with purple and blue.

You do not like broccoli.

This is half correct, I do not really like raw broccoli but I love it cooked!

You are 5’5.

No, I’m actually 5’7! I’m pretty tall lol.

You love flowers.

I do like flowers! My favorite is probably rose or lily, maybe amaryllis!

orange and white flower in tilt shift lens

And that is it for the assumptions! Thank you everyone for submitting an assumption. If you have any post ideas or anything you’d like to know about me in general, feel free to comment them!

And also thank you for 200 followers! It means so much to me! ❤

~ Arabella

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