I’m Back | 2019 Recap & 2020 Goals

Hey guys! I am officially back for 2020! I am super excited to get into posting more, I think the break was good but I’m glad to be back.

So today I’ll be posting my 2019 recap and goals for 2020. I did not take pictures a lot in 2019, and one of my goals is to take more pictures (mostly so I can remember what I did all year XD)

Also, I cannot believe that it is already 2020! A new decade, wow. I feel so old having lived in 3 decades already! I’m only 14 though…

So here’s a recap on 2019 for me! All these photos are from the blog since I didn’t take many photos (also as a clarification, I did take a lot of photos, but not everyday, life-y ones).

Mood Board Winter Colors(1).png

In January, I went back to school, and yeah. I started off with an “18 Day Blogging Challenge”, which I thought would be great but I stopped midway through. That’s pretty much it, yikes…

I Wish... __ A Poem(3).png

In February, I had school & a break, hosted a Q+A, and wrote a poem called Some Days! I honestly don’t think it’s the best, though… Other than that not much.

MARCH 2019

In March I took a bunch of nature photos (as you can see above). I also posted a blog post poem, which you can check out here. I also had my 2-year blogiversary! Also in March, I had a kind of strange pink and blue design… Also, I can’t seem to think of anything much in my life from March besides school, I’m sure that there are tons of things I’m just not thinking of right now. XD

APRIL 2019

In April, I had school and a break! I started a spring break diaries but that did not work out. I got a raincoat, I guess? I actually love it, it’s a magenta color, and it’s a great size! That’s pretty much the only thing I wrote about on the spring break diaries. I got a haircut because my hair was kind of long a tangly, it was great to get it cut to about my chin, which is a little short, but now it’s a great length (about my shoulders).

I also had exams/tests in English and Math that we do yearly, which were not so bad but this year I have to do science as well, which is my least favorite subject. I did better in math than I thought, mostly because I was in honors last year. This year I am not in honors, which is so much easier for me. I also started track, which was really fun! I’m hoping to do it again this year!

I also started an aesthetic blog! It did not go a very long way but it was fun for the bit that it lasted!

MAY 2019

In May, I made a lot of aesthetics as you can see above! I also continued track. That’s pretty much it. XD

JUNE 2019

In June I posted a great amount! I worked a lot on my friend’s and I’s book, which we still have not finished but are just about to (we took a hiatus from it XD), and finished school. I took a trip to Pennsylvania, which was fun! I also went camping, and yeah. Also, I totally forgot, I saw Rachel Platten in a tour with Pentatonix, met her, and got some cool things like a shirt and a bag!!

JULY 2019

In July, I did not post that much. I don’t remember doing much, though I left for a trip (I’ll write about in August since the majority was in August, I think). I remember making tye-dye cakes/cupcakes with my grandma which was fun!


August was a great month! I continued my trip to the beach, which was super fun! I saw tons of family I hadn’t seen in a while, and had lots of fun! We had a bonfire and there are tons of pictures, but I cannot post them for privacy reasons XD. Later in the month, I WENT TO DISNEY! It was SO fun!!! Apparently my friend was there at the same time, though we didn’t see each other. I also found out I have the same teachers as last year (long story don’t worry). When we got back, I had an open house, though that was with barely any students since we missed the real one. My sister saw her friend though! And I bumped into my teachers… almost all of them… kinda awkward XD. And just like that I was in 8th grade!


In September, school had just started which was great! I did not post much, but that’s good since I was so busy. I started cross country, which was better than last year, so… I still don’t love distance running. That’s pretty much it!


Again, I did not post much though I did do a Q+A here. I finished up cross country, and started STEM club and yearbook! I also celebrated Halloween with my friend which was fun!


In November, I remember having my first break of the year and Thanksgiving, which was so much fun! And I got new glasses which are AMAZING! I went to the dentist… I guess that’s it!


December was a great month! I had two snow days before we came back from Thanksgiving break, which was great because we got 2 extra days off! I took a hiatus, so I only posted twice I believe. My school took a field trip which was postponed twice and was super cold there, so… We also had a surprise party for my dad, and my cousins came since they could not come for Christmas. I had the winter break and celebrated Christmas, so on Christmas Eve we went to mass and then to my cousin’s house for a big party, then went home and on Christmas morning drove to my grandmother’s house for Christmas. It was super fun! I also celebrated my birthday, and yeah! We ended the year counting down until midnight!

So, I am not going to focus on my 2019 goals since they were… honestly… strange? I’ll list them here, but you’ll see what I mean.

  • Gain 100 followers by the end of June– Yes, I did do this!
  • Sell crafts and baked goods to earn money.– No, I think I need to find the right time to try this, it might happen this year though!
  • Save more money– I don’t really know, I did save quite a bit of money for my Disney trip if that counts? Though a large portion of it was money from family and friends, I saved over $80 I think which is great considering I rarely ever save over $50.
  • Read at least 50 books (hey I’m not a huge reader, so 50 is a reasonable goal)– I tried the Goodreads challenge, I did not make it to 50, and at the end I stopped counting, but I’d say maybe 35 books? I read a good amount though!
  • Become a better blogger– I am not sure what I meant by this, I blogged pretty well?
Before my haircut!

And now, for my 2020 goals! I’m excited!

  • Blog- Gain 300 followers, create a brand for myself, and focus on blogging a bit more
  • School- I want to study harder in order to get better grades (mostly science)
  • Fitness- I want to improve my fitness and try to do a 30-day fitness challenge!
  • Photography- Take more photos (at least one a day) & maybe improve my photography a bit.
  • Possibly start a business? This isn’t an important one though. This could include making money somehow like publishing a book with my friend!

I’m sure that there are many more that I may think of later, in which I will update this post!

I’m hoping to brand up the blog a bit, get certain colors, and make my design a bit better. I like this design, I just need to update it a bit.

What are some of your goals for the new year? Any big things happening? I’m going into high school! That’s all I can think of!

12 thoughts on “I’m Back | 2019 Recap & 2020 Goals

  1. Ok but your aesthetics are literally #goals 😍💜
    Love having you back, Ara! The blogging community’s not the same without you and your creativity! 🙌🏼✨
    Ooh I wish I could’ve gone to Disney in August! 😂 or any month, actually… 🤷🏻‍♀️
    Yes yes I love your 2020 goals 😍 especially the blogging ones!

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