New Design + Updates

i was playing around with it and this is one of the “test” headers, but I didn’t add another space between of and ara.

Hey guys! I recently was feeling stuck about this blog, with not much motivation… then I thought about creating a new blog, but all the good names were taken. So I realized what I just needed was a revamp to the blog! It isn’t super different, but I love it!

I used a different style font and different colors then the blue I’ve been using and now it’s much better!

I’d also like to shoutout Maggie’s new blog! You can find it here! I’d love for you all to check it out!

Also, happy November! Where I live it’s supposed to snow soon!!! I’m super excited because snow means winter (not for a while though…) and winter means my favorite time of year!!!

How was your Halloween?

Mine was great but rainy… but because of that not as many people went out which meant MORE CANDY!!!!

This might be my last year trick or treating, I hope not though… but in a year I’ll be in high school and who knows how busy!!!

Also, I got new glasses!! I love them and they’re much better than my old ones!

Lastly, I went to the dentist…. once last week for your regular check up, and once this week so they could take out something that the orthodontist put in that was causing a cavity to form… boring but didn’t hurt at all, luckily!!!! (no shots or novicane either!!)

I think that’s about it… I’d love to catch up! I know I haven’t been gone that long but my blog has updated so I guess that’s new???

using an old sign-off cause I’m still lazy…

8 thoughts on “New Design + Updates

  1. Aw!! Your new blog design is cute!!! Glad to hear you are doing well and I am wondering what did you dress up for Halloween as?
    I was a gypsy princess and one of my friend’s dressed up as a gypsy too!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. Ooh your new blog design is so pretty, Arabella! ๐Ÿ˜€ โค It almost looks a little Christmas-y, but it's also a nice year-round look. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Aw thanks for the shotuout! I'm very excited about my new blog ๐Ÿ™‚

    My Halloween was great! I took my brothers trick-or-treating, and I even got to dress up and get candy as well, which was a ton of fun! I wore a witch costume, and my brothers went as a surgeon and Darth Vader.

    So happy to hear you're enjoying your new glasses! I got my first ever pair of glasses back in February, but the prescription in the right lens makes my better eye blurry, so I quit wearing them. XD I need an updated prescription!

    Do you and your family have any fun plans for Thanksgiving? ๐Ÿ˜€ My mom and I are working on finding new recipes to make for our family this year! We always have our meal at home, and I'm excited about the new dishes we're going to try.

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