Q & A answers!

Hey guys! Thank you SOOOOO much to everyone who gave me a question to answer for this Q & A!!! You guys are the best! Also, hehe, when I was looking through posts I noticed a Q & A from February that I never did. So I’ll be adding those questions too! Just to let you know, they are life themed…

just a random picture cause I’m too lazy to make a graphic!!!!

What’s your favorite Halloween candy? Hmm….. anything that contains dark chocolate and no peanut butter. XD
What’s the best accessory to wear with an outfit during this time? Either a scarf or black boots! (I love the lace-up ones, I reallllly want some of those this year!)
Your favorite holiday during October to March? CHRISTMASSSSSSSS!
Winter or Fall? ACK this is so hard!!!! But it would have to be winter by like, 0.0000000000000000001%, hehe
Should I start wearing my black boots now? I think the time for flip flops is out lol UH YEAH!!!!!!!!!I love black boots!!

Do you like “fall” frappes? I’ve actually never tried any before! I really should…
What is your favorite color leaf in fall? Probably orange!
Sledding, snowman building, or snow ball fights? Sledding for sure!

What is your favorite hobby? Either writing, photography, or blogging! Or maybe making strange voices… it drives my friend crazy… XD

Do you like to sing? For sure, yeah!

Do you play an instrument? No, unless my voice counts…

What is some advice for a new blogger? Don’t give up. Keep on writing, and you’ll earn followers eventually!

What was the inspiration for the name ‘Sparks or Ara’? I don’t know… I knew I wanted some of my name in it, and I don’t know how it came to me!
What is your favourite part of autumn? Um… EVERYTHING?
Do you enjoy pumpkin carving? (and we would love to see some of your previous creations!) I don’t think I actually have! I really want to this year, though!
What’s the best part of blogging for you? Just being able to write for others and making friends!
Are you able to balance school and blogging? Yeah, I write after school and on weekends, because I don’t usually have too much homework, luckily!

If Autumn didn’t exist what other season would you call your favourite? Winter! Though they’re tied… the only reason I like summer is cause of no school and spring… I don’t know…

How early do you start Christmas shopping? After Thanksgiving, I think…

If you had to choose one to keep warm: Jumpers or scarves? Scarves!

What’s your favorite fall drink? Apple cider, yum!
Do you decorate for fall? Somewhat… I mean my family decorates my house a little bit!
Do you live in a place that actually gets fall weather? Yes, that’s an advantage of living up in the North!!
What’s your favorite fall sweater EVER (you don’t have to own it) Boy is this hard!!! Well, I really like one that I own, it’s really warm and has a few big stripes (pink and grey I think) I can’t really describe it!

Do you have siblings? Yup. Two lil’ sisters.

Have you traveled out of the country? Sadly, no!!! I’d love to visit ANY other country!!! But India, France, or Switzerland would be my top choices.

What’s your favorite blog post of yours? This is hard! If I had to pick… maybe this one? Or this one?

Are you more of a introvert or extrovert? Introvert for sure!

Now for the other one… just a heads up this was life/future themed so…

What is on your bucket list? Check out my post here!!
What pets would you own? A dog, probably!
Where would you live? Somewhere in Massachusetts!!!

What are the passions that you want to pursue throughout your lifetime? Maybe photography, writing, blogging, and traveling!
What d’you want to name your kids? This is so hard! Well, for boys I currently love the names Jake, Jude, Toby, Kobe (Ko-bee), Wesley, Luke, and Sal! And for girls, yikes that’s hard, but here are a few I’ve been liking recently: Laela, Everly, Evelyn, Tessa, Isabella, and about 100 more that aren’t coming to my mind right now!!! The only reason I remember Laela and Everly is ’cause they were names from my lego characters…
What is your plan for five years time? I’ll likely be in my freshman year of college then!
30 years time? I’ll be 43, so… I’ll probably be raising teenagers. XD

What do you want to be when you grow up? As of right now, a… baker, geneticist, special education teacher, chemist, photographer, or I don’t know what else!!!
Do you plan on going to college? Yes, I do!!!
How many kids do you want to have, if you want to have kids? As of right now, I want 2 kids that are 5 years apart!
Home vs apartment? Home for sure!
Would you homeschool your kids or send them to public school? Probably send them to public school, but I do like the idea of homeschooling!

What is your dream job? See above!!!
If you could visit anywhere in the world where would you go? India, France, or Switzerland.
What did you be when you grew up when you were 10? Do you still want to be that? I don’t remember, I mean that was only 3/4 years ago but I think maybe a singer? No, I don’t want to be a singer but it’s a good idea!

Thank you so much to everybody who submitted questions! I also would like to share an ad for Ezra’s Everything Spot! Ezra has an amazing blog I would love for you all to visit!!

Have some fun!

So, I think that’s about it! I hope you enjoyed reading and have a great day! (also sorry for not posting this sooner, I had it written out earlier but was away all weekend so I could not get it posted…)

I’m hoping to post something on Friday/Saturday about Halloween and maybe something before if I have time after school tomorrow… we’ll see about that! And also sorry for the messy layout… since they were all in separate comments, I couldn’t get them all in one… anyways, see ya!

Also…. would you guys like more personal posts? I know I told you about them before, but like recent events and stuff, like getting new glasses! Make I’ll combine that with my Halloween post! What do you think?

~ Arabella

(sign off coming soon!!!!!! I’m just #toolazy)

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