Some Changes!!!

Hey guys! Today’s post is going to be short, but I want to share a new change about my blog!

First off, I am hoping to change back to the blue really soon, because blue is my top color. Ooh, what if I did a darker blue?? What do you think?

EDIT: I just changed it to blue, so don’t worry about that…

Also, I’m hoping to share more of my life on here. Not getting private or personal or anything, but maybe sharing more pictures and about activities I’m doing and stuff. What do you think??

I think that’s it, sorry! I’m going to be working on my new design now! (though it’s still really similar).

Tomorrow I have a field trip, which is exciting! We’re going to a really cool history landmark!

~ Arabella

8 thoughts on “Some Changes!!!

  1. I love seeing how you are developing and changing your blog so much. I think it is a great idea so that you can find what works for you! The photographs in this post are stunning. I especially love the first one because of how the sunlight is catching on the top of the petals! Beautiful work, Ara. Good luck with your designing process.
    Erin x

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