Anyone Want to Collab?

Heeey y’all! Today isn’t really going to be a post… sorry. XD (ACK NO GRAPHIC OR PHOTO OR ANYTHING!! bad blogger. jk)

Instead, as you probably already know, I’d love for anyone to fill out the collab form (you have to go to the site and click collab at the top)?

I’d love to collab with anyone willing!

Lifestyle, personal, fashion, dolls, summer, photography, Rachel Platten, Full House, ANYTHING!

So yeah.

Please go and fill it out!

Also, I should have a new design up soon! Hopefully by the weekend, it depends on how lazy busy I am this week… it’s the last full week of school, yay!

So please fill out the collab form and yeah.

Sorry about this really boring post.

I’m “busy”. (aka lazy)

And listening to Rachel Platten. (that counts, right?)

~ Ara

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