The Bloggers Project Challenge

Hey guys! I know I haven’t posted in a while… but please check this out!
Oh, and I may have a clue for the upcoming month:
– Sunshine Sings
– Dolls
-*POSSIBLE*- Yet another revamp.
Anyways, please check this out at The Blogger’s Project!

The Bloggers Project

This challenge is open to all bloggers.

Can you solve the mystery and interpret the mission by June 10th 2019, before 10:00 pm?

In this writing challenge, you must write a short story using the following title and summary.

Link your story blog post in the comments, before the end time to be entered in this challenge.

All entries will be judged fairly and the winning story will be reblogged here on The Bloggers Project.

The winning prize also includes a blog interview with the winner and ten dollars credit at Sweet N’ Simple Blessings.

Have fun!

Ten Second Dare

Mission interpeted by. You

A mystery surrounding a dare, involving a baby, and a ten second challenge that could lead to a fortune or grave danger.

He must complete the ten second dare, solve the mystery, protect the baby, find the fortune, and avoid every danger…or else.

Your time…

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