Sparks of Ara | New + Improved

Hello everyone! In honor of almost reaching 100 followers, I decided it’s time to improve Sparks of Ara. New (but old) design, better graphics, organized posts, and more.

So I was looking at Sparks of Ara and felt that it wasn’t cohesive. The design was always changing, never that good, no graphics, disorganized posts, a half-finished “About Me” page.

Well that all has changed. Today, I am delivering a brand-new, better blog for you.

Better design, a cool “About Me” page, new graphics, organized posts, and MORE!

I’m going to be posting about 1-2 times a week, but they will be much better posts. Also, I want to do a survey about what you guys want to see from me. Also possibly a 100-follower giveaway idea!

Please take the survey HERE!

Sorry that this post is very short, but if you’d like to see more, check out my “about me” and “contact” pages.

See you soon,


56 thoughts on “Sparks of Ara | New + Improved

    1. Thanks! Sorry I have not posted in a while, school is just wrapping up and I need to stay on top of all the schoolwork so my grades don’t drop… mostly math. XD


          1. I’m ending my second semester next week (the education system is different) so I’ve also been busy, but I can’t wait for the break because it’s a month long! But I’m still busy with exams. However, I’m almost there. Hope you enjoy your summer break hey!

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                    1. don’t worry! my name is tricky to pronounce. it’s air-uh-bell-a. it’s fine, i seriously get tons of names wrong when i don’t hear them. XD i like ah-rah-bell-a though too.

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                    2. oh are you american? i think that’s how the pronounce it up there, but i’m from britain so here it’s pronounced a-ra-bell-a but that probably is not the ideal pronunciation for you 😂😂 i love your name though 💜

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                    3. yeah! i love writing, but i probably won’t become a full-time author. i’ll likely end up being one though! i’d love to be a geneticist, baker, archaeologist, teacher, or maybe be something else when i grow up. what about you?

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                    4. I’m not really doing much today… except for school. friday the chorus is taking a field trip to see a concert/group (not music though) which i am excited for!

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                    5. i used to do viola & clarinet, but now i don’t anymore. i do choir and in music class we’re wrapping up piano and starting guitar, so i hope to try them sometime at home. gtg!

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