25 Facts About Me

Hey guys! Today I am posting 25 facts about me, since I have some new followers and I just wanted to give you guys some fun facts about me! Anyways, let’s get started!

WHY is it always pictures of my shoes???

  1. 27 is my favorite number.
  2. I’m learning French in school.
  3. I dream of visiting India and Indonesia someday- with my best friend of course!
  4. I’m a Rachel Platten fanatic (even though I don’t really know what fanatic means… hehe)
  5. I’m an INFJ.
  7. I would call myself a bookdragon!
  8. I have a passion for photography
  9. I have written several songs before! The most recent being with my sister, we wrote about darkness and sunlight. But now she doesn’t like it… I still do though!!!
  10. I’m going to be very busy this summer…
  11. I’m turning 16 the year after next… ack…
  12. I have short hair and love it
  13. I enjoy listening to music
  14. I do track at school, and it’s going well! I don’t have to do long distance running, yay!
  15. I need to make a design that’s perfect… I keep trying new things but nothing really clicks.
  16. Just to make sure you know, I HATE PEANUT BUTTER WITH A FIERY PASSION.
  17. I either want to be a/n: photographer, archaeologist/anthropologist, geneticist, stay-at-home mom, special education teacher, chef, pastry chef, or other things I just can’t think of at the moment.
  18. Blue is my favorite color.
  19. I don’t like the color brown…
  20. I’m listening to music right now
  21. I have/play with dolls
  22. In ten years, I plan to be out of college, maybe “with” someone, but I’ll be 23. That’ll be my first year NOT in any school for 20 years. If preschool counts. So maybe I’ll be in India.
  23. Ten years ago, I was 3. Not much happening with my life then. Preschool…
  24. I love monkeys!!!!!!
  25. I want a pet: chocolate lab, black lab, havanese, or maybe something else. Maybe a Shih Tzu or however you say that….
  26. I’m actually doing 27 facts because read number 1.
  27. This better be big… uh… I’m only 10 followers away from 100? No, bigger. Uhh… this is hard. How about: 27. This is so hard? Okay, I’ve given you enough…

    DSC_5386.JPGOkay! I hoped you enjoyed learning a bit more about me! Sorry I haven’t been posting as much as usual, I’ve been busy with school and track, haha. Plus I have a Girl Scout camp thing I might be going to next weekend! If I do, my troop’s going the whole weekend.

Anyways! I think that’s it!


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