My Dream Cafery

Hey there! I’ve decided to share one of my dreams: owning a Cafery. Don’t know what a Cafery is? Don’t worry, I made it up. It’s a combination of bakery and cafรฉ. I would love to own a Cafery one day! Read on to learn more about my dream Cafery.

* All Images From Unsplash * Also this post is inspired by Mary E’s, you can check hers out here. It’s amazing, by the way!


First off, I would have seats available outside. Also, my Cafery would be located in a small town, but downtown so people could easily get there from many areas (like schools, or homes).


Also, I would live very close by or above my Cafery. That way I wouldn’t have to go far. Also, when my kids got older and walked home from school/were home after school, I would not have to leave early, because they would be close by and easy to contact.


Yes, I love this warm setup! I don’t want a dark Cafery. I want a place that is light and safe for everyone. (I know that sounds cheesy #dontjudge). Plus I like the setup of the food too, it’s easy to look at and choose.


I also like this set-up and how it is easy to look at, but wow, that’s a lot of things to pick from! XD I probably won’t have that much on my menu!


I also like the idea of a little library. If someone was bored, they could pick a book to read and have a nice cup of coffee while they were at it. XD Maybe free…

So I hope you enjoyed! Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, but I was pretty busy… be sure to check out an updates post soon and a tag post soon!

Also sorry this is so short… I found it in my drafts so decided to post it. XD

Oh, guess what???

I’m only 12 followers away from the big 100!!!!

And happy May, I’ll try to post a May post soon!!

I think that’s it!

Too many of these!!!!!!!!


~ Arabella

14 thoughts on “My Dream Cafery

  1. Ohh this looks awesome!
    That’s hilarious, I actually looked up in the dictionary Cafery before coming back and you explained that you made it up ๐Ÿ˜‚
    *mouth waters as I stare at the pictures* Okay, now I’m hungry ๐Ÿ˜†

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