spring break diaries day 1 + 2!


hey y’all! i’ve decided to start a spring break diaries like last year! sorry i’m writing  like this, too… but hopefully you enjoy what’s been going on during my break!


this day my sisters were gone for some girl scout thing my troop wasn’t doing, so yeah. we went to wegmans, and for lunch i got SUSHI AND ASIAN FOODS that’s like the best lunch on arabella standards haha. i took a walk… and we went to a children’s museum for dinner. pretty fun but kind of young.


we went to church, a little longer than usual, because it was palm sunday. we had doughnuts (after church in the parish center) and then went home. after lunch, we went to marshals and tj maxx because we had gift cards. i didn’t find much clothes in my size (but maybe i could have looked in women… oh well.) didn’t get anything at marshalls, and i just got candy and a new raincoat at tj maxx. at least i got a raincoat, and have some more on my cards. that’s pretty much it, haha.

i hope you enjoyed learning about the first two days in my vacation! tomorrow i’ll have monday and tuesday! monday was marathon day. 🙂 i might also post another post today for the blogging challenge. 🙂

~ ara

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