Update: Mission Trip!

Hey guys! If you haven’t, please donate to Ariana’s mission trip if you can! Thanks!

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Hello! Here’s the thing, I stink at the schedule. Haha! So, here I am posting.

The Mission Trip Itself.png

My school, Veritas Press, is an online school. Even though that is the case they do mission trips. They are going to Washington DC. This will be my first mission trip.

My Mom is very excited. She doesn’t know if she will go with me to Washington DC and be there (not with me in the mission trip itself) but near or if she will stay where we live. But, either way, it’s my first mission trip! I would miss my Mother. :/

My Dad said I need to raise some money. I am totally fine with that. The trip is 2,000 dollars. I am sending out letters to people I hope to help donate.

This is the beginning of the letter (I am not sending you the last part because it displays how to…

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9 thoughts on “Update: Mission Trip!

        1. Thanks! I hope you reach your goal! I don’t know if my school does any trips… they had an option for Rome and Greece next year, but only 20 spots were available, and it would have been my first time out of the country and other people probably wanted it more. There is a group at my church (high school, I think) that does, my cousins do that, so I probably will do it when I get to the age where I can. ❤ Have you been on any other mission trips?

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          1. You’re welcome! That’s super awesome!! I can’t believe those opportunities are available. I do get not wanting to be out of the country without parents/friends. It would be hard. My mother thought it would be a good idea to start here “out on my own.” She may even go to DC seperately so she can be in-state. I have not been to other mission trips. Have you?

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