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Hey everyone! I know I’m taking a hiatus, but I’ve decided to share some life updates! Plus some blog-related updates as well… enjoy!

1. We’ve had some exams lately, this week is English, and then sometime May we’re having math. English wasn’t super hard, luckily. 🙂 Tomorrow is the last day! And then we have Friday and it’s off to vacation. I’m so excited for vacation, probably because I need a break and want to sleep in.

2. I’ve started track! Although my friend and I aren’t in the same group, we still have fun- even if it’s tiring. I’m not the best at running, though… I could barely do the 100 meters. Yikes… I know I’ll be good at throwing though. 😀

3. Math… there’s some I love and some I hate. We’ve started geometry, which is my least favorite. Trust me.

4. I’ve been baking a lot, okay, not a lot, but I still have been baking. It’s fun, and I get delicious results!

5. I have been reading as well, and the two books I just finished are Restart (amazing!) and Focused. They are both amazing books, please check them out!!

6. I’ve been thinking, and I think I might need to change my blog’s name. Sparks of Ara doesn’t fit me anymore. I’d love any suggestions…

7. I’m stopping my break early, because I want to get the new blog (name) started, but I’m only posting once or twice a week. I’m trying to not post any more than that so blogging doesn’t get in the way with life.

8. I’m writing my own novel for NaNo! I’ve already written a little over 3,00 words, which is great for me! It’s called Elena’s Calling. Maybe I’ll share it someday.

I think that’s it! Sorry I only have eight… I can’t think of any more! Please give me ideas for a new blog name too…


~ Ara

18 thoughts on “Life + Updates

    1. Yikes, geometry and statistics are the hardest! The only bad part about ELA MCAS was that we had to write 4 essays in the two days. I’m just nervous about the math MCAS… Anyways, thanks for commenting!

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  1. YASSS! I love restart!!!
    Ara’s opinion
    Arabella’s Dreams
    Thoughts and Dreams.
    Those are all I could think of. LOL, Good luck with, track, Math, NaNo, And English exams! (Why should we know English?? We already speak it!)

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  2. Out of curiosity (also because I haven’t been following you that long) why did you opt for Sparks of Ara in the first place and why do you feel it doesn’t fit anymore?

    Awesome for you to be doing NaNo and 3000 words is a great start ! I tried it a few years ago and got stuck. I might do NaBlo though next November.

    It’s great that you’re able to take a step back about blogging so that it doesn’t take over your life! I have trouble with finding that balance.

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    1. Hmm, I just feel like it’s not a representation of the blog. It doesn’t have much meaning, but I may end up keeping it. I’m not really sure yet… I hope that made sense!
      I’ve tried with NaNo several times but this time I was more determined, so I’m really close to reaching my goal. I’ve only written this much once or twice before.
      I agree that it’s hard to find that balance, but I had to decide what my priorities were, such as school, and than put blogging after that and a couple others. 🙂

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