An Ode To The Blog Post | A Poem

Hey guys! I didn’t have any ideas for today’s post, but I decided to write a poem about blogging. Maybe it’s just true to me, we’ll see.

I get on my keyboard,

Ready to type

But all I find

Is very little hype

This should be easy,

It’s just a post

But why can’t I find

Something worthy to boast

I just need an idea,

When will it come to mind?

I’ll just take a break

And let it unwind

That’s it, I’ve found it!

The perfect post!

But when I sit down to type it,

I’ve got nothing to boast.

Luckily, I type and I type

I type some more

And finally I’ve got something

Worth bragging for.

So, what do you think? it’s pretty much my blogging process in a poem. 😀 Sorry it’s really short. I promise the next post will be better… (it’s a tag)

~ Arabella

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