2-Year Blogiversary | New Blog Design

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Hello everybody! Today’s post is special. As you can tell from the title, it is my second blogiversary! Along with that, I am releasing a new design. I hope to start my third year of blogging with a great start, including getting my blog together.

Although I don’t have as many followers as I did this time last year, due to lack of creativity, that’s okay. I’m taking my time, and as long as I focus on my blog, there’s no need for more followers in one day.

I’m just so shocked that I’ve made it this far. When I first started, I assumed that it wouldn’t go far. But just the fact that I’ve made it to my third year (second blogiversary) with 62 followers.


A Shoutout-

MARIA– You are the top commenter, besides myself. I love chatting with you, and helping you with Just Around the Corner. You are such an amazing blogger!!

As a recap of the past year, I did very well in April and May, then in June I blogged less, and then from August-November I didn’t really post. Luckily, in December, I came back and now I’m blogging really well! And, in this whole year since my last blogiversary post, I’ve had views from 60 countries exactly! Wow!


Some Changes-

So, my blog and blog design is going to be a bit more cohesive, as I want to stick with the blue-color theme. I’m going to make my posts a bit more cohesive and have them not be a random jumble of words, make them longer, etc. If all goes well, this design will stay for a while!

My posts will still stay lifestyle posts as usual. AND- I have a big surprise, coming up later in this post!

I’m also going to be posting less, but the posts that I do put out will be better and longer. I hope that this makes Sparks of Ara the best I can be!

We started off, two years ago, as Anything In The Wonderful Life. Here’s some reminders since most of you probably didn’t know about my blog then.

Megan @ A Barefoot Gal had designed my whole blog!

Then, very early last year, I changed it to Thoughts of A Fangirl. The blog design was actually pretty good!

thoughts of a
Now that’s really good! If I had kept Thoughts of A Fangirl, I would have kept this design!

Then I changed it to Sparks of Ara, the way it looks now, which is probably my best Sparks of Ara blog design I’ve done!

Now onto the big news…












I’m starting a blog-related series, and/or podcast! It might turn into a podcast along with the posts, or just podcast, but I’m starting it to give tips about blogging. I will still be posting on The Blogger’s Project, but this series will be just for my blog. More about that in another post!


Well, I think that’s it for today! I can’t believe that Sparks of Ara is officially two years old! How old is your blog?

~ Arabella

25 thoughts on “2-Year Blogiversary | New Blog Design

  1. Happy blogiversary dear,i wish many many more to come❀ and i can’t wait to see what new contents you create
    P.s i’m new here

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  2. Happy blogiversary!!!!!!!!!! You have been blogging so well for a long time! I had my first blogiversary about 2 weeks ago so your a great example to me for someone who keeps on going and never gives up! Keep it up! πŸ˜€


  3. Thank You SOOOO Much Arabella!! You are a great friend and you are one of my best blogging friends! I love chatting with you too!!! Congrats on the new blog design!! I love it!!!

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