Hi guys! I’ve decided to take a little break from blogging. I’m going to start by taking a week off (coming  back next weekend). I might take the next week off, but it depends if I want to jump into posting or not. (I’ll still post the BLOGIVERSARY post no matter what)

So yeah, I might be taking several little breaks throughout the year, because of vacations, tests, school, etc. But I may just lessen my posting instead of taking like 10 breaks.

I don’t know yet.

Anyways, see you next week (either for a “YAY I’M BACK” post, or a “SORRY I’M STILL GONE” post)

Thanks for everyone who took the survey. I might completely redesign my blog. Oh, and about the post excerpts, I tried to do that, but on mine I can’t change it back, only on certain themes, which I do not want.

Oh, and I will still be reading posts and commenting. Just not posting or thinking about posting.


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