Introducing… My AG Blog

Hi guys! Today I am going to introduce my new AG blog!

Why did I create a new AG blog? Well, I (and several other bloggers) have noticed the AG Blogging community dying down, and I’ve decided to help hype it back up. I also want to find more doll blogs out there as well.

Here’s the link, PLEASE look around even if you don’t like dolls. I also made an amazing graphic for the about page and I’d love you to see that as well.

Yes, it’s called American Girl Era!!

Thanks to Rosabelle @ the AG Club for helping with the name!

So again, please check out my new blog! I’m hoping to post on there often, so to make time, I might have to lower posts on here. I’m not sure, it might be the same amount of posts, we’ll see.

Also, please check out the post that I posted before this one because at the end it has a vote for which header I should use, and so far it is a tie.

Thank you guys so much!

~ Ara

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