To All AG Fans

So, this is going to be very quick, but AG fans, I need your help!

So, soon I will be getting something from AG, and of the things I’ve picked, I like Blaire’s Garden Outfit, which is the overalls. But, I have heard some negative reviews about the shirt being too high/short. Should I go with that one, or do you think that I should get another outfit? Or, do you have any other recommendations? (I would have done Luciana’s Stellar Outfit, but it’s not available.)

Please let me know in the comments!! Also, thanks for your help!


~ Ara


*big secret* I might totally be re-desgining the blog!! Let me know what you think!

7 thoughts on “To All AG Fans

    1. Thanks Emmie! I went to AG today and got the outfit, it wasn’t as bad as some of the reviews were saying. 😀 (this might be my last time at AG where I am!! Mine is closing. 😦 )

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  1. I think you should get Blarie’s garden outfit. I’ll bet If you are unsatisfied, they’ll do a refund. If not, you can sell it online so you can get another outfit.
    AHHHH!!!! How many times are you going to re-do the blog???? JK JK I love all your blog designs!

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    1. Okay, thanks Maria! I think I will get it, also because I can use other shirts. 😀
      I keep on asking myself that, but I really like the blog design currently (It’s one of my favorites I’ve ever had!) I want to make my blog better since I am two followers away from 50!!

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