Blog Tour/Movie Review {spoiler-free!}

Hey guys! Today I am participating in a blog tour! I’m combining it with a movie review of Touched By Grace on Amazon Prime.

The blog tour I am participating in is Rachel’s bog, Nancy Drew. (Her blog name is changing, check out the latest post for more info!)

I’d love it if you could show some love to Rachel by clicking here. Also show some love to the other bloggers participating in the tour!

FEBRUARY 15th- Gracie Marchiani @ Through the Eyes of Gracie

FEBRUARY 16th- Mukta A @ Born Free

FEBRUARY 17th- Ara @ Sparks of Ara

Now, since Rachel’s blog is partly about books, I decided to do a movie review. Okay, that makes no sense, but let’s start!

The movie is called Touched By Grace and is on Amazon Prime. Also, this review is spoiler-free.

The movie is about a girl named Cara who is moving to a new town. She befriends two girls (kind of snobby, but not really) and they become friends. She also becomes friends with a girl with Down Syndrome, Grace. They become really good friends. I’m not going to go into details, but there is a dance and there’s a prank that happens.

Now, there’s something really big that happens, but I’m not going to spoil it. Anyways, the ending is really sad, but you can see Cara transform from nice-ish to kind heart. I loved Grace, she was definitely my favorite character.

Overall, I give this movie 5 stars, out of 5. Also, I think that this movie is pretty appropriate. 😀

Remember to check out Rachel’s bog, and Gracie’s, and Mukta’s blogs! 😀

Are you going to watch Touched By Grace? Are you checking out Rachel’s blog? (yes, you should!)

~ Ara

PS: This is my 3rd post today…

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