January recap

hey guys! it’s time for that January recap! it’s going to be short, not huge, but still (hopefully) fun to read. let’s dive in!


so I started the 18 day blogging challenge, but stopped it due to business of school. I posted like 23 times, which is a lot. I hope to be efficient in February with my posting, which I doubt will happen.

I didn’t have any January goals, so let’s skip ahead to February goals.

  • post at least once a week
  • along with that, post at least 10 times (not including reblogs)
  • try to earn 50 followers (I’m at 43, but getting followers is very slow!)
  • collab with at east one blogger (or start to, anyways)
  • post new photography, or at least a photography post

that’s it for blogging!

I’m not going to do personal, because that’s personal (get it???)

Sorry for the super short and awful capitalization post!! See you soon with the q & a post! And yeah, that’s it…

~ ara



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