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Heeey everyone. So today’s post is going to feature some news. *oh, and if you’re not on the website, I’d prefer it if you went on the site*

So as you can probably tell, I finally have a new design! Well, I used my l design from December, because I liked it better.

Oh, and for some more news…

I’m not going to be posting everyday anymore. So that does mean no more 18DBC, sorry! It’s just that some of the topics were weird and yeah. I’m going to make a schedule though.

This will probably change overtime, but for now I’m hoping to post on Wednesdays and the weekend. Like I said, this may change over time.

So I think that’s it! Do you like the new design? Oh, and this will not count as the weekend post. 😀

UPDATE: I also may post on other days for announcements, news, other posts, re-blogs, etc.

~ Ara (I finally made a sign-off, but it is not working.)

See ya soon!

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