18DBC #5: If I Won The Lottery…

Hey guys! It’s already the fifth day of the challenge, wow! Today I am doing an “if I won the lottery” post. Not saying that I will, because chances are that I’ll never win a lottery.

Oh, speaking of lotteries, one time my dad was playing subway surf, and won the jackpot there. XD

Anyways, if I won the lottery, I’d…

Donate some to local charities

Put a lot in my savings

Buy more dolls & doll clothes (what person with dolls wouldn’t say this!?!?)

Give some to family

Go on a trip

Buy a laptop of my own

And that’s all I can think of. Well, also to give some to you awesome readers! XD

I am changing the header soon, most people picked 3, so that is what I will go with for right now. 😀

And tomorrow is top 5 online friends (I’ll probably end up doing 15 or something) XD See ya!

~ Ara

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