18DBC #4: Favorite Movies

Heeeey guys! It’s the fourth day of the blogging challenge- favorite movies! I have several movies I love and I can’t wait to share them with you. Oh, and these are in no certain order. Enjoy!

Movie #1) Moana

I absolutely love Moana! Moana herself is amazing and the movie is too. Especially the song How Far I’ll Go. If you haven’t watched it, you really should!

Movie #2) Descendants (& the second)

I love Descendants! It’s basically about 4 “villains” from the Isle coming to a school in Auradon. I would definitely recommend it, it’s not scary at all and the songs are fun to sing along to. I’m looking forward to the third movie. 😀

Movie #3) Freaky Friday

This is a great movie about a girl and a mom switching places. I love the songs and everything else too. It’s a little sad at some parts, but overall it’s a great movie.

Movie #4) Mulan

I recently watched Mulan and it’s such a great movie. Mulan is amazing and so is the dragon that goes along with her while she’s travelling. That’s all I can really say, but still, if you haven’t seen it I’d recommend watching it!

Okay for the rest of these I’m just going to list them because I’m lazy.

Movie #5) Paddington (it’s hilarious!)

Movie #6) Despicable Me movies

Movie #7) The Grinch

Movie #8) Frozen

I can’t really think of any more movies, but I’m sure there are many I’ve watched but can’t remember. XD See you tomorrow with “If I Won The Lottery” post!

Also I may be posting some non-challenge posts, or replacing those posts. Just shout-outs and other lifey stuff. XD

~ Ara

9 thoughts on “18DBC #4: Favorite Movies

        1. Not that I’m aware of, no. I wouldn’t watch anything like that (well more of innapropriete not too bad though), that was because it was for school and our teachers made us watch it, I didn’t like it) Anyways… we should talk about something happier.

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