New Colors…

Hey guys I know this is short but still fun. XD

When I got onto the reader this afternoon I noticed new colors… there’s now green, darker blue, and pink. I really like it but it’ll take some time to get used to. Just like with the new blocks… they’re good but when I did the recent awards post it was so hard to do the questions and the answers the way I thought was the best…. ugh.

Did anyone else notice the new colors? Also I just got 40 followers! I’m so happy!

See ya tomorrow!

~ Ara

20 thoughts on “New Colors…

  1. Hi Ara! I did notice the new colors, but on some sites, where the top bar is black, everything stayed the same, but on sites, like my blog customize, where the top bar is blue, it changed colors.

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    1. Yeah I noticed that too. I also noticed that there’s a way to change it too, you can go to edit your profile, and in one of the sections you can change it. I actually like the new colors, they are much more colorful than the old ones!

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    1. Thanks! Wow! Purple? When I see the notification button on other blogs (mine, but viewing mother WordPress sites), it’s still red/orange too. Now on the reader it’s pink. Purple!? Wow!

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    1. For me, the pink was on the notification box (the little dot showing you have a notification). I don’t remember the green, though, I think it was in the stats page. 😀

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