18DBC #3: Short Stories

Hey guys! We’re at day 3 of the blogging challenge, which was supposed to be childhood favorites, but I decided to change it to short stories instead, because this is much easier than childhood favorites. Anyways, let’s start!

Anyways, this first one is the start of a short story, “Colorblind”.

It’s a quiet afternoon and I’m taking a walk in the woods. I’m completely colorblind, so I only see in shades of grey. Everything looks so pretty, even for being grey. I’m all alone, looking up at the sky, walking around. Everything’s just fine.

Suddenly I hear footsteps. It’s not usual that I see someone walking here, but every once in a while I do, so it’s not unusual. The person comes through the corner. It’s a woman, with light brown hair and blue eyes with a pink and yellow shirt.

Wait, that person is in color. And I am colorblind.

“Carmen.” The women says. How does she know my name? Then I gasp.


What did you think of that? I like it, it’s not what I usually write but it’s pretty good. (to me, at least) I think that’s it, the other one I have is creepy so I don’t want to share it (not super creepy but yeah)

Sorry I only have one short story, but hopefully you enjoyed it. Maybe I’ll even continue writing it. Anyways, see you tomorrow for favorite movies! Also possibly a shoutout to Maria and Autumn since I don’t want to wait til I finished the challenge. XD

~ Ara

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