18DBC #2: What Makes Me Happy

Alright, here’s day two of the 18DBC! Today’s post is all about what makes me happy. So hopefully this post will make you happy and all. Let’s bring on the happiness! Plus it’ll bring some smiles to this Monday! Not that I don’t like Mondays… they are just very tiring. To a lot of people, at least. Okay, moving on…

#1) Little Kids

Don’t you just love to hear the sound of little kids playing and laughing? I know I do!

#2) Ice Cream and Sweets All Around

Ahhh, nothing better than ice cream or delicious chocolates to make someone happy. The picture above makes my mouth water. Yum!

#3) Playing

Okay, this may sound weird, but playing makes me happy? I guess it just makes me think of my childhood or little kids. It’s weird, but I still like it!

#4) My BFF

She makes me laugh all the time, and she’s just awesome. 🙂 Plus she’s so energetic and I like spending time after school with her. (We do STEM every other week and Yearbook every week, and ride the late bus together)

#5) Blogging

I love blogging and all the people I’ve met. I love watching SoA grow! Shout out to anybody who’s still following my blog and is great friends with me! I want to do a post featuring a couple of them, once this challenge is finished.

I think that’s it, sorry for the not-great answers… see you tomorrow with childhood favorites!

Also, do you like the new header? I do! The jewel is from the giveaway bundle I won over at Lula Boo. Go check out Laura’s blog!

~ Ara

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