18DBC #1: 10 Facts About Me

Okay, it’s our first day of the 18-Day Blogging Challenge! I’m excited! Joining me today is Taco @ When Tacos Fly. Go check out her blog, and support her! Today’s post is going to include 10 fun facts about me. Let’s get started!

#1) I Hate Peanut Butter

I mentioned this a couple months ago, but I can’t stand the look, smell, taste, or anything of peanut butter. Blech! Yet my parents and one of my sisters love peanut butter (well not love but you get the idea) and my other sister hates it as well. It’s crazy.

#2) I Enjoy Playing With Dolls

It’s true, you probably know this, but I do! I have 5 18” dolls, and 2 babies. Now I’m saving up for the GoTY 2019, Blaire. She’s amazing!

#3) I Absolutely Love Chocolate Cake

Everybody in my household likes vanilla better, so when it comes that time off year again when I can finally pick the flavor of cake, it’s chocolate. CHOCOLATE FOR LIFE!!!! No? Okay, moving on…

#4) I Can’t Stop Watching Baking/Reality Shows

Well, by reality shows, I mean competitive ones, like Minute to Win It on Netflix. But since I like baking, I love food shows! Kids Baking Championship (new season coming TOMORROW), MasterChef Junior (new season February), and Guys Grocery Games are a couple favorites of mine.

#5) I Use Money To Buy… Different Things

Like, who would use a $25 gift card to buy a doll, two bottles of seltzer, and sour spray? This gal! It’s weird, but who knew how good pineapple pomelo seltzer was?

#6) I Still Play With LegosLegos are for anyone, plus they are awesome to build with! Who doesn’t still like legos? Okay, you might not, but I do! I like lego ffriends the best, but I’m fine with any lego set I get.

#7) I’m Wearing Braces

I have worn them since late June of last year. At first they hurt, but now after getting them tightened they aren’t so bad. The only plus about braces is that you can get colors. Other then that, I can’t wait to get them off. I also have to wear elastics at night, which are annoying.

#8) I’m Learning French

This is at school, but I’m also doing a little bit online as well. I also know the tiniest bit of Indonesian.

#9) I Live in New England

Y’all probably know this, but I live in New England and I love it! No doubt I’m living here when I grow up. The snow, awesomeness…. I love New England.

And lastly… #10) I’m Sooooo Glad to Start 2019 Off With 18DBC

Honestly, I feel like this will inspire me to post in 2019. Does this not count? I guess it does?

There you have it folks! (no??) 10 facts about me! Bye!

~ Ara

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