More Into My 2019 Reading Goal

Hey guys! So you might have noticed on my 2019 goals that I wanted to read 50 books this year. Well I’m going to share some info on that today! (sorry if it’s boring)

*the book pictures are not mine*

why is this my picture it doesn’t relate to books whatsoever…

Okay, so I did not calculate how many books I read in 2018, that’s why I’m doing 50 books. There’s a challenge on Goodreads, basically you enter the amount of books you want to read in 2019, and when you enter that you’ve read a book, it’ll put that in your goal!

If I’m at 30 or 40 by like, April or May, I’ll obviously change my goal so that it is reasonable.


I’ve already read one book (well, finished it) called The Maddie Diaries, it’s all about Maddie Ziegler. I’ve read it before, and it’s really good!!

Right now I’m reading Never Evers, a book about a girl named Mouse and a boy named Jack (from different schools) and they meet on school trips skiing in France. It’s really good so far!! I definitely recommend it! I would put a picture of it, but the cover I have is different than the ones online, so…

Also, sorry for the super short post today… How many books are you hoping to read in 2019? Should I do a TBR sometime?

Oh, and since Maria got the 3 truths and a lie correct, she will get a shoutout in the next post, I will share her blog links!!

~ Ara

11 thoughts on “More Into My 2019 Reading Goal

  1. I decided to challenge myself to read 75 books this year – I’ve never done it before as I haven’t been on goodreads for long, and once I decided it on 75, I realised just how hard it would be…. 😂 So I’m aiming for 50 like you! Although I think 50’ll be a challenge too for me! 😂 I hope you reach your goal Ara! Autumn x

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    1. Thanks! You too! Yeah, 75 books is a lot! (for me at least) Some people are aiming to read 100 or 200 (even 300) books! I feel like 50 is a good number of books to read. 😀

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      1. I know! That’s like 6 and a quarter books a month 😂 – I don’t have the time for that (but wish I did!) ! I know, some people read crazily high amounts of books, I commend them for that, but I certainly couldn’t! 😂 Yes, 50’s a good number to read! Autumn x

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        1. Wow, that’s a lot! I read two or three a month, it depends on the book. I try to read good sized books but I’m stuck in the middle, I’m starting YA but also am in the middle grade too. XD

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          1. It’s always a bit frustrating when you’re in-between two literature types, some books might be too easy and some might be too hard or might not be something you’re interested it yet! 😂 I started YA a few years ago & I remember it being a bit like that! Autumn x

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