2019 Goals & How I Did In 2018

Hey readers! Happy new year! Today I’ve decided to post some of my goals for 2019. Most of these are blog-related, but I will share some others as well. I’m also going to see if I completed any of last year’s goals as well. Enjoy reading through my goals!


  • Gain 100 followers by the end of June
  • Sell crafts and baked goods to earn money.
  • Save more money
  • Read at least 50 books (hey I’m not a huge reader, so 50 is a reasonable goal)
  • Become a better blogger

LAST YEAR’S GOALS- (✅ means completed, ❌ means not completed, and ➰ means ½ finished)

  • Gain more followers- I’m hoping to earn at least 50 followers within the first couple of months of 2018! ➰  I did earn about 145 followers, but when I crazily thought I’d stop blogging, I deleted most of my followers, so now I have almost 40… I’m hoping to NOT do this again in 2019, so here’s to hoping.
  • Start babysitting- This would help me with my next goal, too. I think I’m old enough and responsible enough to babysit, and I want to start in 2017! ❌ I’ve officially decided that babysitting isn’t for me. May be when I’m older, but I feel too young to be babysitting strangers… besides if I were picking a babysitter I’d rather a 17 year old than 12.
  • Earn money- I want to start saving my money to either buy a camera or the new girl of the year doll, Luciana. In 2017, the most I was able to earn was $84 (haha), so I hope to earn more money!➰ So I did earn money, but spent a lot as well. I did get a camera (didn’t buy it though), and Luciana, so…. I did reach my goal a bit.
  • Work more on my songs and writing- I want to work on my writing and songs! I really enjoy creating songs, and writing too. I want to do more of the things I enjoy! ✅ Now I’m not really into writing songs anymore… but I have been writing lots and lots of short stories over the year.
  • Read a lot- I want to read as many books as I can! ✅ I didn’t set a real goal, but I would say that I read a lot over the year.
  • Become a better blogger- I want to work and focus on blogging a bit more. ➰ For the first half of 2018, I did great, but in the second half not as great.

Okay, I think I’m finished. I did okay with my goals, I think. The only one I completely failed at was babysitting.

What are your 2019 goals?

~ Ara

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