2018 Recap

Hey readers! It’s Ara with a 2018 wrap-up. You can check out the wrap up for last year here. Here are some blog stats for 2018:

  • I went from Anything in the Wonderful Life to Thoughts off a Fangirl, and now Sparks of Ara! I think I’ll stick with Sparks of Ara for a while, we’ll see.
  • I have had 6,883 views since writing this post! Last year, I only had 777 views.
  • There were 2.,303 visitors this year, whereas last year we only had 244 visitors!
  • 2,860 likes, compared to 159 likes in 2017
  • 1,691 comments. Last year we only had 132 comments!
  • I have had views from about 70 countries! In 2017, only 11 countries made an appearance. XD
  • I went from 27 followers to 100 followers to 376. Don’t ask what happened….
  • My top pages/posts are my home and about pages.
  • I’ve redesigned my blog about 8 times.
  • While blogging, I have made a lot of friends. I can’t list them all, but you know who you are!
  • I posted 124 posts, a couple were reblogs!
  • April was my best month.
  • Tuesday is the most popular day and 6:00 pm is the most popular hour
  • Most views ever was March 13th, the day I posted my blogiversary and celebrated 100 followers in that day’s post.

Wow! Here are some of my highlights for 2018:

  • Took a trip to see my cousins
  • I bought my truly me #23, Ruby. I first bought Luciana, but she didn’t fit, so I returned her and ended up buying Ruby.
  • Changed the blog name to Sparks of Ara
  • Started middle school
  • I got a new comforter! I don’t know why this is super special, but I had my old comforter for a LONG time and I love my new one.
  • Became a teenager

Sneak Peak into 2019:

  • I’m trying to make a bullet journal… if I succeed, then I’ll post about it!
  • I just turned 13, maybe a post on that?
  • I am just starting a new blog (private) more about my life. Since it’s private, I will be inviting a couple bloggers that I know well to read it, because it’s not super personal. I’m hoping to keep this up, but this is just a “tester” almost.
  • WRITING. I want to do lots and lots of writing!
  • I’ll try to post some reviews- I got a new doll (OG, but she’s amazing!), books, etc.

Goals for 2019 will  be in another post, with mostly blog goals but a couple personal too. Be sure to look out for that!

How was your 2018? What are you doing for New Year’s Eve? Are you excited for 2019? Do you like the new header? I know it’s summer-ish, but I still like it.


7 thoughts on “2018 Recap

  1. Ooh your blog has grown! It’s so nice to see that these babies that we worked on are reaching more people. Did I just say babies? Yes, I did. And personal blog? Count me in because I’m nosy. Jk you don’t have to if you don’t want to 😂 Great recap and have a great 2019!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha I like to think of them as babies too. Or at least I did just now??? Sure I’ll invite you once I’m finished with. Don’t worry I’m super nosy too so we’re officially nosy buddies (okay that was so weird)

      Liked by 1 person

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