A Letter // Thank You

*Disclaimer: This isn’t a real person I’m writing to, just a random letter and stuff*

Dear Someone,

Right now I don’t know you. You could have black hair and brown skin. Or maybe you have blonde hair and freckles. Maybe you haven’t even been born yet.

But when I do know you, I’ll give this to you because you changed my life somehow.

Maybe because you’re my best friend and we were inseparable. Maybe that’s what made you so special.

Or maybe it’s for some other reason that I felt the need to share this with you, we’ll see.

Maybe I’ll give this to you within a year of writing this, before I turn 14.

Or possibly I’m giving this to you 20 years from now, when I’ll be celebrating my 33rd birthday.

Maybe you’re my husband/wife, and I’m thanking you for helping me with my kids, or being my companion.

Maybe you’re a work friend. Maybe you help me and I help you with whatever project we’re doing next.

Or maybe you’re a good friend of mine, leaving and I’m giving this to you before our goodbyes.

Whatever it is, thank you for being a part of my life somehow.

Thank you for changing my life, even though I haven’t met you

Thank you.

Okay, that was something, wasn’t it….

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, I didn’t have many ideas, but when January comes I hope to be posting a lot. Happy holidays and expect a couple more posts soon!

And yeah I did change the header, it’s not very winter-y, but I like it, so we’ll try it out for now.

See ya soon!


ps) I may be bringing back an old photostory series that was on an old doll blog…

3 thoughts on “A Letter // Thank You

  1. Wow Ara! That’s such a beautiful & meaningful letter – ✨ it speaks of thankfulness yet the unknown & is so relevant to Christmas & New Year / beginnings. I loved it! 💖 Can’t wait for more posts next year (& Merry Christmas!) Autumn x


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