Meet Ruby!

Hey guys! Before I start, I’d like to say a couple things, so PLEASE read!!

  • I’m going to try to post every week until the end of the year, which I’ll decide if I should keep going or change my posting schedule.
  • I need an extrovert to do a collab with me, if I get more than one who wants to do it I’ll use a random name picker to decide.
  • I’ve changed my blog design! If you’re not already on the site, check it out!

So, a couple months ago (yeah, this is waaaaaay overdue) I returned Luciana and got Ruby. Scroll down to take a look!

her hair’s still in a braid from a couple weeks ago! #proud

Here’s her full face and introduction:



I love this picture!!

Now let’s have Ruby talk:
Hey there! My name is Ruby and I’ve recently joined Arabella’s doll family. Izzi and Lilka are older than me, but Kit is younger. Maggie is even younger, then comes Sophie! Maggie and Sophie are babies, so they don’t count. I am loving it here, I think I might want to post a “Day in the Life” of me so y’all can see what my day is like! Would you like that?
I’ve learned a lot about the family in the 3 months that I’ve been with them. For starters, Izzi is the fashionista. She really likes designing outfits too, and she’s destined to be a fashion designer and work for awesome brands when she grows up. She’s not snooty, though, like some older sisters would be. She’s awesome! Then comes Lila. She’s the sporty one. Lila only does lacrosse and track, but she dresses very sportily. She’s also obsessed with healthy foods and acai bowls. Kit is the creative and playful one, she likes drawing, painting, and is artistic. She tries selling some of her artwork, but nobody usually gives in except for next-door neighbors. XD
As for me, I am also artistic like Kit, but I also enjoy the challenge of language learning. I’m obviously fluent in English, but what other languages do I know? I know the very basics of French and Spanish (just introductory, nothing fluent), a little bit of Japanese and Hindi. Just a little bit of them, but it’s still fun! I also kind of like singing and photography, too. My sisters think I’m a total geek for loving languages, but I heard that it can be super helpful when you are older. That’s why Lila started learning French, haha!

So, yeah, I bought truly me 23, and she is awesome! I totally recommend her to anyone, she’s so pretty! Enough of the ranting. Again, I’d love any extroverts to volunteer to collab with me! See ya,
~ Ara

7 thoughts on “Meet Ruby!

  1. Lovely post Ara! πŸ’—
    Sadly, I don’t really think I’m much of an extrovert, but I’d still love to do a collab with you sometime! 😊 Let me know if you’re interested! Autumn x

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