My Favorite Countries

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Hey y’all! I’m about back from my break (a week early, I couldn’t wait to post this!) and ready as ever! Today I’ve put together a list of countries I’d love to visit and why. I hope you enjoy this post, and comment below about your favorite countries! Enjoy!



The first one on my list is France. I have several reasons for wanting to go to France. Here are a couple:
I Know Some French, so I could practice and immerse.
I Love The Culture, and I’d love to see it “in real life”.
I Love The Food, and having French food in France would be amazing!
Although there’s plenty more reasons I wants to visit France, those are a few! I don’t want to bombard y’all with words. XD



Now I have a couple reasons for wanting to visit Indonesia too. First off, I did a project about Indonesia last year with my BFF and I loved it so much! Also, Indonesia “specializes” in rice and I adore rice, so… it’s kind of meant to be. XD



I don’t have many reasons for liking Switzerland. I saw an episode on Extreme Homes about Switzerland and I was in love. I mean, look at pictures of Switzerland. How does that NOT make you in love with Switzerland? (ok, yeah, I’m obsessed)



Now if you’ve been to Club Cool in Epcot, you’ll know what I mean. I know this may sound absurd, but I think I’m obsessed with Sparletta. In Epcot, there’s a place where you can try drinks from different countries. As soon as I tried Sparletta from Zimbabwe, I was in love. Unfortunately the people who sell this online don’t sell to the USA. So my sisters and I made a plan to take a ship to Zimbabwe and buy as much Sparletta as we can. Plus I guess it would be cool to visit too. Yeah, that’s mega crazy. XD



Again I don’t really know why I like Australia, I just do. The accents are cool, and it just seems like a cool place. That’s enough for me, I guess.



I don’t have many reasons for liking Canada either, but my cousins live there and it sounds really cool. That’s enough for me too. I would love to visit somewhere that speaks French to practice, and maybe Nova Scotia too.

So, those are my favorite countries, for some crazy reasons. Do you want to visit/have visited any of these countries? What countries do you want to visit someday?



PS: I’m thinking of changing my blog design a bit after Thanksgiving to a wintery/Christmassy theme. What do you think?

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18 thoughts on “My Favorite Countries

  1. Yes!! You should totally come down under!! It’s pretty chill, but here are two important pieces of advice from an Australian:
    1. NEVER EVER eat Vegemite by itself! Its quite good- on toast!! ☺
    2. If someone says “yeah, nah” they actually mean no!😮
    Lilah 😄

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    1. I’ve never had Vegemite, is it really popular in Australia? I think I heard an Australian blogger talk about it. And noted! Wow, really? That’s cool!


    1. That would be awesome to see you!!! I don’t know here, but probably a few minutes drive away from a city, but not in one, you know. There’s a girl in my French (and specials) class that has a lot of family in Australia. 😀


  2. Honestly, I’d love to visit every country of the world at least once! I love all of your reasons 😂👌🏼 haha there are plenty of places that I’d love to see in person, usually because those locations are beautiful, OR they have amazing food!
    I’d love to see your blog with a Christmas-themed design! 😊❤️

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    1. Thanks for commenting, Maggie! I agree, that would be so cool, it was hard to decide which countries I liked the best. I’m glad you enjoy the idea! Thanks Maggie!

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  3. I’ve visited France once before and I’d love to go again – especially to the Eiffel Tower! Isn’t the picture from Switzerland taken in Zermatt? I swear I recognise it (Btw – Switzerland is an amazing place!!!)! 💚 Ooh… A wintery/ Christmas theme sounds SO good too! Autumn x


    1. Thanks for commenting! You got to go to France!?!? I just checked, and yes, it’s Zermatt! Thanks again for commenting, I can’t wait to do the new design, I’m glad you like he idea!

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        1. Wow, that sounds so cool, I’m checking the post out right now! Thank you! My school is taking a trip to Italy and Rome next school year, but only 18-22 students can go so I’ve decided not to. I’m glad you got to visit France! In French class, we have pen pals from France. 😀

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          1. Oh wow! That does sound amazing, but I get why you don’t want to go – I think I’d do the same in your situation! 😂 I also have a French pen-pal too, it’s really cool to have one, but it’s hard to write in French, isn’t it? I guess that’s why I like the challenge! Autumn x

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            1. For us, we write in French and they write in English. Writing in French is always a challenge, but for some reason it isn’t always that bad for me, except for accents and apostrophes. But it is always fun to have a challenge!

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              1. Yes! I do the same but I also write a little at the end in English 😊. I get what you mean by accents – I always seem to add one here and not have one there! 😂

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