Blog Party!!

I know I am on break, but please check this out! 😀

christina raquel


Today I decided to host a blog party! I’m super excited about this.

Here’s how it’s going to work:

  1. You comment below with a link to your blog
  2. If you want, I can add your featured image/blog button/header to the page as well. Just say “include my blog button, that is on my blog buttons page, please” or “please include my header (it is on the top of my site when you click the link)”.
  3. I will be adding new links to the page until next Friday. After that, the page will still be up, but I will not be adding new links to it.

And the rules for what you can include:

  1. You can send a link to your own blog, or you can send a link to another website or blog (if it is not your own, I will not take any images from the site). If you…

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