Hey guys! I’m going to be going on a small break from posting, not very long (hopefully). I’ve decided to have my next post be on November 4th, 2 weeks from now… I know it feels long but hopefully by then I’ll be back to posting more! I’ll still reply to comments and am willing to talk, though!! Also, I may extend it or shorten it if needed. Bye!

~ Ara

(and I’m planning on changing my design, look out for that!)

ps: I may post once or twice to check in and all that. Anyways, see ya and please comment below!!


7 thoughts on “Break

        1. Ypu upload an image and click add an image. Pick the image you want and put it in! I took that picture with my camera, but if you are using canva then download it to your computer so you have it. Hope I helped!

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