Summer Goals- Complete?

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Hi guys! I know we’re already into autumn, but I thought that I’d share some of my summer goals and if they got completed. Though I didn’t end up posting the post with them, we can still take a look!

Get ready for middle school- done!

Travel journals- sadly, no. I planned to but never got to it.

Organize room- kind off, I got a new comforter and cleaned a little. Would you like to see the new comforter I got?

Take more photos- yes, I took a bunch of pictures! I’ll show some to you guys soon!

Practice frisbee- kind of. I did frisbee a little bit.

Get in touch with friends- done! I had my friend over several times and went to her house several times!

Wow, I did quite a bit of my goals without realizing! I’m glad I did so much. Maybe being off blogging helped? Who knows?

Isn’t it weird that both of my posts lately have been about goals? Do you have any goals you’ve accomplished? How’s fall been like so far?

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7 thoughts on “Summer Goals- Complete?

  1. Awesome goals, Arabella! I’m happy you got most of them done. 😊 Ooh travel journals sounds like a lot of fun, although they’re also one of those things that take a good bit of time!
    Also, I’d love to see your comforter! 💕

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    1. Yeah, I had brought a journal but was too busy with my cousins to write in it. I should do a post about what I remember from the trips, they were awesome! And I can’t wait to show you!


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