ootd #5

heyyy! sorry I haven’t done an ootd in forever! I had to look for a new site to make the outfits on. luckily I found one! anyways, let’s take a look!

i call it “home day” 

first we have a simple but stylish grey shirt- this looks like something I would wear! it’s super pretty!

next I have black legginings! tbh, I have about 5 legginings in my closet. so, iId totally wear this!

I have a simple gold bracelet- I have several of these. you can just buy a bracelet making set at a craft store and use them. or, you could add a bead or two to make it look super pretty!

and what would this outfit be without sneakers? I have two pairs at home- black and pink. they go with any outfit! (tbh, I even wear sneakers with dresses.

what do you think of my outfit? sorry for the bad grammar… I’m being lazy. also, I will be posting this week but next week I’ll be on vacay.

anyways, I’d love to talk! how’s your summer been? or winter if you live in australia. do you think I should actually do caps in the next post?

~ arabella

4 thoughts on “ootd #5

    1. I used ShopLook! it’s really easy to use, plus when making you can pick out by category, seller, color, or brand, which is cool. And thanks! 🙂

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