The Basic Rules To Blogging

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Hiya! I have a post to post so you guys aren’t too upset about my break. Anyways, this post is similar to Natalie’s post, The Rules Of Blog Email. Check the post out:

Today I’m going to be sharing some rules to blogging, as said above. So, let’s start!

1) Plagiarism

Now, we all know what plagiarism is, right? It’s basically copying something without that person’s permission. Even if you are doing a post similar to someone else’s, ask them first and link back to their blog.

Also, vague copying. I’ve heard some people say about this happening to them, and I’ve actually seen it happening. I’m not going to name names, but I had seen a contest and afterwards, BAM! Similar contests went up. Like REALLY similar. I was thinking about that for BC. I didn’t want it to be similar that much, so I made sure nothing was similar about that challenge. But, really. People like me can tell (and I’m sure that the blogger who did the challenge noticed as well. It’s clear. Whether or not you’ve copied it.

Let’s put it at this: You’ve worked your butt off to make your extra-special summer post (just an example, I haven’t seen any extra special summer posts) perfect and you post it, knowing it is unique and everyone will love it. Suddenly, two days later, a blogger that commented n that post with, “Awesome! I can’t wait for summer!” did a post exactly like it, without asking, and it was super similar to yours. Now, your post isn’t unique. See? This is how that blogger feels (whoever it is, the one someone’s copying).

2) Don’t Post Random Posts

If you have a doll blog, I don’t want to see a trip post unless it has dolls in it. Unless it’s an emergency, like a prayer, post about dolls. It’s that simple. Your followers are looking for doll posts, not something else! They might even unfollow you!

3) Don’t Blog All Day

You’re probably like, “What?? I don’t do that!!” But really. Spend some time outside, or with family and friends. Don’t blog all day. I’m not saying to not blog, I just think you shouldn’t be spending all your time blogging.


This one is HUGE! It’s super annoying when someone says, “Can you follow my blog? Please?” I ended up unfollowing that person who asked me one time. Instead, after a comment, give the link to your blog. People will check it out then, not if you ask them too.

That’s all I have for now, but would you like a part 2? Also, be sure to check out Natalie’s post!

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14 thoughts on “The Basic Rules To Blogging

  1. I think it’s interesting how you mentioned “Don’t blog all day” because as bloggers, we’re always on social media and working on new stuff. Definitely agree though, it’s important to spend time with family and friends outside of photo shoots and things for the ‘gram.
    x Ellen from | @ellewenn on Instagram

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  2. YES acadia! These were great tips! I absolutely loveeee these blogging tips and I totally agree with you about not spending ALL your time blogging!
    Ella x 🌟🌻

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  3. Why are all of these so true? 😜 The plagiarism one has happened to me before. I have a lifestyle and doll blog so 👌😉 I personally don’t mind if someone decides they want to post something that isn’t what their blog is about. It switches it up. Ugh, the can you follow me 😂 I never did this one even when I first started cause I always felt it was rude. I feel younger bloggers do that one the most. Great post, btw!

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    1. Yes, it seems like the younger bloggers are always asking about emails and asking you to follow them! XD Which I don’t mind, but it is annoying. 😉

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  4. YES YES YES!!!! These are all so true! I did a few random posts in the past on my doll blog about kittens, but that’s because everyone wanted to see pictures of them! XD It’s also really annoying when someone asks, “why did you unfollow me”…

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