I’ll be on and off- announcement

Over the summer, I doubt I’ll be on WordPress a lot. Even until September, because I’m starting middle school. I don’t want this to be the end of blogging for me, but may be for a while. So, BC (that stands for blogging challenge) may be off. I’m sorry, but I want life before blogging. I will be vaguely active, reading several posts, but honestly? I want to put family, friends, school, and life first. Feel free to have a chat with me though! I’d love to talk! And, I may post about trips, or little things. It’s not an official break. So… bye?? (or hi if you’re willing to chat)

~ Arabella

9 thoughts on “I’ll be on and off- announcement

  1. I’ve been writing blog posts ahead of time, so then I can just set them to auto-publish at a set time. That way, I can still have fun with family and post at the same time.
    But I hope your half-break goes well! Have a fabulous time in middle school! I’m going to finish my last year before heading to high school this year!

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    1. Thanks for the suggestion! Good luck in high school! I’m finishing 6th grade tomorrow (Friday- I’m actually glad we had all those snow days, because I can’t imagine already finishing school! Our school system is different- 7 & 8 is middle school.


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