introducing bc

please read this and ask questions! this will go for most of the summer and isn’t going to be every Saturday, etc. It’ll be scattered.


Collage 2018-06-14 15_58_40


your name/nickname: 




availability means if you will be away for some of the summer. if you are gone 2 or more weeks, then I’ll give you 4 points to make up for it.

remember, you don’t have to post every week! I’m not going to get mad. you can sign up and only post one week if you’d like/ at the party, there will be things open to people with just one point. so, you can post once and no matter what, you’d be able to do a bunch of things at the party.


so, ask questions and enter away!

~ arabella





16 thoughts on “introducing bc

      1. Ok, that makes sense. 😀I don’t think I’m going to be entering, unfortunately. ☹️Just busy with a lot of other blogging things. I’ll let you know if I change my mind tho. 😉

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