~what’s in my bag?

what's in my bag_

hello everybody! today I am collabing with Raf and doing a post for harps in one! i’m doing free topic today… or it could be list. 🙂

for harps: i’m dedicating this post to Raf because she and I are collabing together!

1- my bag!

2- glasses case

3+4- waterbottle

5- first pocket

6- lunchbox

7- second pocket

8- delta book

9- ag catalogue

10- Disney book from 2016

11- hat from theater group (can’t show front)

12- last pocket

13- band aids

14- elastic

15- sweatshirt

16- hand lotion

17- bathaccino

those are just some daily things I use in my life. I can use these in my life. the last 3 aren’t in my bag but things I use everyday. 

and there’s 39 points for this one! and thanks to Raf for collabing with me!

Also, I’m really sorry for not blogging for a while. It might be as long as the whole summer… I’m not really sure. I doubt it, but I’ll post here and there, ok? And when school starts I may need some time to adjust… so it’s not a really break, but I’ll post here and there. I’m sooo sorry!! I just had my blog updated and now this?? Well, bye. 🙂 And thanks you to Raff for collabing!


~ Arabella (sorry for not using the new sign out, I’ll use it next post. 🙂 )


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