~may faves 🍍

hiya, it’s me, araaaa! i’m back with a soon-to-be-amazing-blog-design (no sneak peaks. that’s for the people in my design team.)

anyways, I’ll be sharing my may faves. which does not include a pineapple. why is that on the title!?!?! may went by faster then april, which is a surprise, because april went by faster then I can imagine.


missing u, olivia cella: okay, I first listened to this song on sunday, but it’s amazing!

havana, camilla cabello: I’ve listened to this song for a while, but I love the good vibe it has.

broken glass, rachel platten: ack I love rachel platten and I just started listening to her next album and found broken glass. defo recommend!


the girls over at costal twins revealed their names- read this post to find out their real names!

Christina did a review on the plum paper- I need to buy it!! her review isΒ here.

a tinker bell’s treasure reviewed evernote- I’m hooked! read itΒ here!


okay. since may went by too fast, I did read, but I sadly don’t have any super good books except for ones I wrote last month, so… I am still a reader, I read a lot, just not much this month. I mean, may went by like a week, so you can’t really blame me.Β okay, you can. but seriously?!?!?!Β 


sushi- some of you may know I love sushi and I could go on foreverrrrrr talking about it!

cranberry sauce- why do people hate this!?!?! it’s delish!! XD


uh, how about my new blog design? it’s gonna be amazing- guess the theme!

also, summer’s almost here! I’m so excited!

so, I hope you enjoyed reading! the new blog design and a summer goals post should be up soon. adios! ❀

oh, and a collab with one of my favorite bloggers! *winks*

au revoir,

arabella xx

32 thoughts on “~may faves 🍍

  1. Thanks for linking my post, Ara!
    For the design, I’m going with the pineapples. I know I’m wrong, but they’re so cute, amiright?
    Loved this post πŸ™‚
    Christina 🍍(I know, I had to. I’m sorry…)

    Liked by 2 people

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